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Who are we?

We have worked hard to create furniture, studied and improved our skills for twenty years in order to start all over again in January 2015!

This is how we can briefly describe the history of the origins of ‘BETONWOOD’ brand. One table lamp, very special for us, should be mentioned here, but we’ll speak about it later.

What do most people imagine when they hear words like ‘loft’, ‘industrial’, or even simple ones like ‘style’ and ‘design’? Often, something frilly, intricate and, unfortunately, hardly functional. Only it’s not about us!

What are the components of our design? They are:

- High ergonomics.

- Original execution.

- Natural materials.

How do we create our products?

During these two decades, we were always inspired by none other than our customers.

Design of the new office required a special lamp, and the light has become one of our ‘shots’. Of course, we have designed it ourselves.

Some time later, our visitors started to not just pay attention to it, but ask to make the same one.

Almost immediately, it was decided to extend the range by adding exclusive chandeliers and spotlights in the collection, and thus ‘BETONWOOD’ appeared.

What are our products made of?

Only natural materials of the best quality.

1On the one hand, we appreciate our own health and, therefore, prefer to work with natural raw materials.2By the way, we like wood and concrete most of all, and it is easy to see it from the name of our brand.3On the other hand, not only our employees, but also clients have children, for whom the naturalness always comes first.

Thus, any product from ‘BETONWOOD’ brand, whether a small wall bracket lamp, or an entire coffee table, is always environmentally friendly and safe for even the youngest members of the family.

Whom do we do our products for?

For like-minded people, who need a constant source of inspiration, in the first place.

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  • Location: Ukraine
  • Trade fairs: imm cologne 2017
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