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In the most basic of senses, we are a furniture company. But at Pentatonic, we’re here to do something different – if we weren’t, there would be no point in us being here at all. We’re turning problems into opportunities; landfill into lifestyle; trash into treasure. Last year, more than 480 billion plastic bottles were bought around the world – equivalent to 20,000 per second, or 1.2 million every minute. The numbers are equally mind-bending for aluminium cans and glass bottles, but despite all efforts to date, the majority of these objects end up outside the recycling system, in the ground, in our oceans, washed up on distant island beaches, forming waterborne masses so vast that they almost constitute islands in themselves. This casual, excessive consumption has the potential to destroy us, but there is a better way forward. We have the means of saving the planet while not just preserving, but improving the quality of our lives.

Here’s where we come in.

At Pentatonic, we invent new materials using the world’s most abundant and dangerous resource – human trash – and we do so without compromising an inch on design, performance or function. We can turn yesterday’s drinking bottles into beautiful, ergonomically designed chairs. We can turn your cracked smartphone screen into high-end glassware. Our engineers and designers have over 15 years’ experience in creating revolutionary material solutions; planet-saving, design-led alternatives to virgin materials. Man has already produced enough plastic and glass to fulfil our needs forever – it’s all out there, it’s just a case of reincarnating rather than burying it. And with enough creativity, each incarnation can be better than the last – with less impact. Waste doesn't end up in the earth, the environment isn't destroyed from resource extraction and recycled products have a lower carbon footprint than those from virgin materials.

From strong but elegant furniture frames, to soft, tactile luxury fabrics, we are using the contents of your bin to create exceptional, future-proof products for your home or office.

Waste not. Want. Pentatonic.

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  • Location: Germany
  • Founded: 2016
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
  • Trade fairs: imm cologne 2018
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Portrait of Helena Demaria-Williams
Helena Demaria-Williams
Pentatonic GmbH