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Power Republic Corporation

Achasan-ro 17 Gil 57 Human Teco 12F
04799 Seoul, South Korea
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The global environment we are living in goes beyond the expression of being fierce and it is not exaggerative to say that technology is an essence for survival and what the future of businesses and countries depends on.

Global businesses seek to acquire intellectual properties related to their retained technologies because technology is another name for survival.

With the awareness that we have just a handful of global leading technologies that will bring innovation throughout our lives and industries beyond simple advanced technologies and questioning this status quo, we have come to realize that wireless power technology will make an impact throughout industries as well as our lives in early stage and have dedicated to commercializing the world’s most advanced technology in this field.

Following 12-year-long R&D efforts and successfully practical implementation, we are just inches apart from commercializing the state-of-the-art magnetic resonance wireless power transfer technology along with the successful development of all technologies and systems that enables to provide power wirelessly, which is expected to have a sweeping impact on our future society both at households and workplaces with unprecedented innovation.

Furthermore, we are committed to growing into a global key player that contributes to solving global-scale energy issues by expanding our reach to convergence with new and renewable energy industry.

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  • Location: South Korea
  • Founded: 2016
  • Trade fairs: interzum 2017
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Portrait of Steve J. Joh
Steve J. Joh
Power Republic Corporation