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3154 Vilnius, Lithuania
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We are a young and creative team at the enterprise Ltd Pupt, which has maintained the Pusku pusku brand in Lithuania and abroad since 2008.

We follow a philosophy that people do not need big changes or investments in their lives to be happy, because we believe there is something to be glad about in everyone's life.

Those joyful moments when you fall into a bean bag and dream a bit, or share your thoughts and stories about the day with your loved ones, are natural forms of happiness in which we can all participate. Inspired by this view, we offer a choice of more than 1500 different bean bags created for modern people who seek new designs and uniqueness in every detail. With a wide range of colours, fabrics and models, even the pickiest person can find a product just for her or him.

We at Pusku pusku are pleased to be the biggest bean bag manufacturer in Lithuania, and we are also becoming known all over the world! We are proud that there is special attention for our products in Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Finland and Sweden, which is why we export more than 50 % of them. About 90 % of products are sold with the Pusku pusku brand label, although we are also creating products for individual needs and on a white-label basis - with clients able to put their own branding on our designs. Printed and embroidered bean bags can be even more extraordinary with the unique image or logo of a client. We try to ensure pleasant customer service and guarantee high-quality products, because we love what we do! We discover new ideas every day and constantly search for new opportunities, so we’re open to all ideas and suggestions.

Young and creative: that’s us. Let’s meet each other!

Company details
  • Location: Lithuania
  • Founded: 2008
  • Branch of industry: Specialised Trade
  • Trade fairs: ORGATEC 2018, imm cologne 2020
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Portrait of Sigita Cerniute
Sigita Cerniute Sales
Pupt, LTD. Pusku pusku