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Riegel Möbeldesign

Humboldtstr. 51
41061 Mönchengladbach, Germany
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People, objects, landscapes, ordinariness, unusualness, change the view, enlarge areas, reduce, distort, twist, see convex if the seen is concave and/or reverse.
I try to be curious, unconventional and pragmatic to implement my ideas and don`t let myself be set on any art direction.

Each material has its weaknesses and strengths. The diversity of materials, combining them and creating something new, makes thefun in art, furniture and design. I work every day, times intensely, sometimes less active, but the restlessness that befalls one when the "idea" is born, the power to elaborate and portray it is my Energy tank.

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  • Location: Germany
  • Branch of industry: Skilled Trade
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Portrait of Youssef Riegel
Youssef Riegel Senior Management
Riegel Möbeldesign