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Ropimex R. Opel GmbH

Bildstocker Straße 12-14
66538 Neunkirchen
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The engineer Wolfgang Opel established ROPIMEX R. OPEL GMBH in 1976 – laying the foundation for a fortuitous combination of inventiveness and technical know-how that continues to characterize our company to this day.

Today's managing partner Rolf Zimmermann took over the company to 100% in 1994 by way of age-related succession. The graduate economist and trained business administrator had been working as a consultant before, assisting the restructuring of dozens of companies.

Our employees value their long-standing partnership with us because they know that we not only give them a great deal of responsibility, but also plenty of leeway. They thank us for the fair employment conditions and high job security with a fluctuation rate that tends to zero. This, too, constitutes part of our success.

But our roots are just as important to us as our workforce. Which is why we endeavour to meet our needs from regional sources wherever possible – i.e. wherever the supply side permits. And successfully so: ropimex® products originate from Germany to 98 % and are manufactured at our Neunkirchen/Saar location to a 100 %. Which ultimately means that our region also shares in our success.

Another one of our concerns is the careful treatment of our environment. This means in concrete terms that we not only comply with the corresponding regulations, but also handle all resources available to us in a responsible manner.

The revenues from our labour are meanwhile also meant to benefit those who are partly or entirely unable to contribute to it. Which is why we support Lebenshilfe, Dolphin Aid and other initiatives, especially if they care for the young. This may appear conservative, but is of timeless topicality for us.

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