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SA Möbler AB develops, manufactures and markets office furniture’s designed from eminent designers and design offices from Europe. The office furniture's are produced in our own plant with the highest skilled craftsmen and women in Tibro, the furniture capital of Sweden. More than sixty-five people work with a strong tradition dated all the way back to 1896 combined with modern, powerful machinery in our modern factories that consists of more than 50 000 square meters. In our assortment there are electrical tables, desks, cabinets, shelves, receptions, conference tables, seating furniture's and screens.

Idyllic Swedish countryside. The factory in Tibro smells of oakwood, leather and filter coffee. All the workstations are tidy and the air is clean. There is a sense of friendliness. The knowledge and capacity of the factory is what enables us to make functional, ergonomic and well-design product systems. Generations of men and women have stood here before us, making what we make.

We don’t choose the easy way out, but take our time to listen and observe. We know that if a great idea comes along we can develop it as a team.

On a daily basis, we have equally important visitors, ranging from the end-consumers to the small entrepreneurs all the way up to the national and international companies.

Kjell Hammar & co-workers

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  • Location: Sweden
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
  • Trade fairs: ORGATEC 2018
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