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Steel Stone Co., Ltd.

NO.28,Lane 671,An Chao Road,Yen Chao Hsiang
824 Kaohsiung Hsien, Taiwan
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We established in 1999 and we are supplier of all kinds of furniture screws in Taiwan. Although it has only been established for 16 years, the members of the management team are a group of well-experienced people from the industry who have the ability to invent and produce products with the know-how and techniques. Especially before founding the company, our president Mr. Cabin Chen, who started his career as a salesperson, has more than 30 years-experience in furniture screws area, has also earned himself very good reputation and rich resources in this field.

Our president Mr. Chen said that although we have very good techniques, we don't position themselves as a techniques oriented business but expect to make use of the flexibility from sub-contract and our own factories operation to create the maximum profits. We supply materials and techniques to sup-contract factories to save production cost and reduce operation risk. Sub-contract factories also have full support. We don't have the barrier that is usually between trade companies and manufacturers. Mr. Chen expressed the importance of trusting each other with sub-contract factories. He considered sub-contract factories as a part of his own company and that we complement each other to achieve a mutual benefit. On the other hand, he also takes the full responsibility of the product quality to the customers.

We known in the industry for our excellent supplying power, high quality and punctual delivery that Steel Stone attributes to their spontaneous business strategy. Our own factory also brings some advantages such as:

1. Supporting sub-contract factory: When the sup-contract factory delays production or overloaded, we can assist production in their own factory to catch the lead-time.

2. Techniques TRANSFER: some R&D or difficult work stay in our own factory, other techniques can be transferred to sub-contract factories which save them development cost and production time.

3. Production line control: Own factory and sub-contract factories can co-ordinate for the best production arrangement to fulfill all kinds of orders.

4. Cost control: Flexible production enables more space to decide production or sales and control the cost.

In the area of furniture screws, We have the expertise. Satisfaction of customers is the best quality assurance. We welcome all consultation regarding furniture screws.

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  • Employees: 11-50
  • Location: Taiwan
  • Founded: 1999
  • Branch of industry: Supplier
  • Trade fairs: interzum 2017, interzum 2019
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