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thank you for showing an interest in StolComfort and our chairs.

We develop and supply comfortable seating solutions, both in the office and in vehicles, for jobs which place particular demands on the individual and the seat. We have drawn on many years of experience with seats in lorries and other commercial vehicles for our 24-hour swivel chairs - where good seating comfort is never more important than here.

When we built the first office chair many years ago, nobody could have expected that this would become one of the world's highest selling control room chairs. At that time, we searched in vain for office chairs which would provide comfort and allow us to work in a relaxed manner. Once we had converted one of our seats into an office chair, it became clear that we worked better with this chair and preferred using this temporary solution to all the other swivel chairs available. Some months later, the first control room was equipped with our chairs.

The customer had seen the chairs in our offices when they were having some vehicles fitted out with our seats. Our "invention" had found its market.

Since then, we have provided the seating for several thousand control rooms around the world. Our emergency solution has now developed into a 24-hour swivel chair which sets the benchmark in terms of ergonomics with its outstanding levels of sitting comfort, a back rest which relieves pressure on discs and its active function.

Kenneth Jansson

We are particularly proud of our new Svenstol® model. It is the first swivel chair in the world to be developed from the base to headrest, specifically with control room requirements in mind.

The ergonomic benefits of vehicle seats and office chairs were brought together at every stage, from the initial design through to final production planning.

Despite the satisfaction at setting this new standard, we remain focussed and continue to look to the future.


Karsten Vogel

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