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50827 Köln, Germany
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We love to design interiors creatively, to bring freshness and variety into your own four walls and to be able to react flexibly to every change and new requirement in life with changeable furniture. The move to a new apartment, working from home, growth in the family or simply the desire for more creativity and design freedom in everyday life:

Your life varies, your furniture should too.

Variand gives you the freedom to re-adjust and realign - whenever you want. Because modern furniture, in our opinion, must be versatile and changeable. Through a clever design, the modular Variand furniture can be easily moved on the wall, arranged, expanded and quickly adapted to any living situation and taste. With a diverse and constantly growing range of products brings Variand more flexibility and creativity in the most diverse living areas - from the entrance to the kitchen.

Easily mounted, hung and made your own.

Tools you need only for the wall strips. Once they are mounted, the Variand-furniture can be easily inserted into the strips. The protected Variand mounting mechanism makes it possible to hang the panels so that they sit firmly and securely on the wall and can still be removed or moved quickly if necessary.

The wall strips are the basis of the Variand system. So that they can be used as creatively as possible, there are various accessories that can be recessed into the strips:

•          Cork pin strips for pinning notes, your favorite photos and whatever else comes to mind.

•          Hidden recessed magnets for hanging keys or kitchen utensils.

•          Integrated picture rail for quick, flexible hanging of picture frames.

•          Integrated LED light strip that elegantly illuminates the wall below the molding.

The strips are firmly screwed into the wall through pre-drilled holes in the particularly stable laminated veneer lumber and ensure, when properly installed, that the furniture hang firmly and securely on the wall. 

The Variand modules
Almost all Variand furniture have a metal body, which is made of white; powder-coated sheet steel. The powder coating is particularly robust against scratches and has a fine surface structure a great feel.
Many products also have wooden components, such as shelf boards, which are also made of birch plywood. Like the strips, they are milled by machine and then sanded and lacquered by hand to guarantee a high-quality surface.

Subtle details such as discreet branding of the strip ends with embedded stainless steel plates or hidden integrated magnets on the shelves, which make it possible to connect wood and metal without screws, show how design and manufacturing mesh perfectly to create a high-quality product.


Company details
  • Employees: 1-10
  • Location: Germany
  • Founded: 2020
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
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