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Wolf Möbelwerkstatt GmbH

Turnerweg 1b
63628 Bad Soden-Salmünster, Germany
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The furniture workshop WOLF is a family business, which is now run in the third generation. The craftsmanship of our master craftsman, the sense of form and design and the ability to transfer the breadth of all customer requirements in furniture and fittings are the essential characteristics of our always holistic service. We are still committed to these criteria, but at the same time to the new awareness of the symbiosis of traditional carpentry and design - this applies to both the creation of private living spaces and the design and organization of business and commercial properties. Designing the customer's wishes in a creative way and producing them professionally and therefore long-lasting as a master workshop is our first objective. For every order. With this philosophy we develop individual and tailor-made solutions which, in their functional application and aesthetic appearance, become value-preserving unique pieces. This makes WOLF furniture and room solutions not just everyday items, but also a constant investment in value. Let yourself be inspired on the following pages by the diversity, how different, versatile and varied furniture and furnishings can be brought into shape and life and work spaces can be redesigned with enthusiasm ...

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  • Employees: 1-10
  • Location: Germany
  • Founded: 1920
  • Branch of industry: Skilled Trade
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Portrait of Frank Wolf
Frank Wolf Senior Management
Wolf Möbelwerkstatt GmbH