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Kościerzyńska 16-18
51-430 Wroclaw, Poland
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Zieta Prozessdesign, currently operating as Zieta Studio, was established in 2010 by Oskar Zieta – an architect and innovator, the CEO of the brand. It is an interdisciplinary team of architects, designers, engineers and technologists. 

As process designers they do not only aspire to design fabulous forms, they aim to create innovative solutions which generate endless possibilities for development and usage. Zieta Studio designs processes that are inspiring and lead to unpredictable results and forms.

The studio uses a computer-controlled production process which allows it to deliver customized pattern, customized form, as well as customized function – a one-of-a-kind product made with outstanding attention to detail. By experimenting with forms and shapes, Zieta Studio creates for people who perceive design development as an important factor in the production process.

Zieta’s philosophy is reflected in the products they create. FiDU technology, which the studio uses to produce its collections of stools, chairs, mirrors, tables and accessories, is an innovative method of changing bits to atoms. Today’s world is overflowing with unnecessary and intrusive data. Therefore, Zieta puts emphasis on its production processes not just on using less material, but also fewer data. 

The effect of this research can be found in the collections of objects created on the verge of aesthetics and function, furniture and decorative home sculptures that redefine the qualities of steel and show the transformative potential of technology:

- Zieta Collection (2010),

- Copper Collection,

- Heat Collection (2018),

- Crystals Series (2018),

- Gradient Collection (2019).

Company details
  • Employees: 11-50
  • Location: Poland
  • Founded: 2010
  • Branch of industry: Manufacturer
  • Trade fairs: imm cologne 2018, imm cologne 2019
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J-Chair J-Chair
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Kamyki Kamyki
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PIN Hanger PIN Hanger
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