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DIBOND®, the world's first aluminum composite panel, specially optimized for the display sector. It is lightweight and three-dimensionally deformable and extremely stable and rigid. DIBOND® is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications and is available in an exceptional variety of finishes.


Unique AlMg1 alloy provides stability, high corrosion resistance and excellent finishing capabilities p>


The black polyethylene core provides stability and optimized long-term outdoor performance.


Providing specialty polyester paint systems to ECCA standards absolute flatness, optimum printability and consistent high-quality color quality. They are free of heavy metals, reach, RoHS and WEEE compliant.



The characteristic, brushed look of BUTLERFINISH® is created by a special surface finish which is rolled into the cover plate and then varnished with clear lacquer.



A specific lacquer system guarantees best ink adhesion for UV-curable and solvent-based inks , The combination of the coating system and the very flat surface of DIBOND®digital not only enables the depiction of very fine lines and structures, but also enables higher printing speeds.



DIBOND®decor stands for our DIBOND® wood-look surfaces. The surfaces score everywhere where the combination of elegant wood look and creative workmanship is required.



The reflective surface for the display area has similar characteristics Reflective qualities like a conventional glass mirror - but can not break and weighs only about half. DIBOND®FR

DIBOND®FR composite panels reach through their mineral Kern the fire classification "flame retardant".



DIBOND®structure receives the characteristic optics by a special lacquer system, which gives the plate a haptic surface gives. DIBOND®structure creates a special accent with the black or optionally silver surface.



The surfaces of DIBOND®eloxal are applied in a special process provided with an eloxal layer of 5 microns or 10 microns thick and are therefore, compared to paint systems, significantly harder

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