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Peter Keler (1898-1982), Bauhaus Cradle, after Wassily's Lecture

Kandinsky, Weimar 1922 »The cube was trump and its sides were yellow , red, blue, white, gray, black. This Bauhaus cube was given to the child to play and the Bauhaus snob to the bauble. The square was red. The circle was blue. The triangle was yellow. One sat and slept on the colored geometry of the furniture. "This is how the 2nd Bauhaus director Hannes Meyer describes in 1930 the products of the formal geometric Bauhaus phase between 1922 and 1924, to which Walter Gropius' director's chair can also be counted. A particularly characteristic example of this phase in the furniture sector is certainly Peter Kelers cradle, which was originally part of a bed program for men, women and toddlers. The bed of the man had right-angled head and foot parts, while those of the woman's bed formed a semicircle. The cradle now complements male and female forms with the triangle and can be understood in terms of their coloring as a three-dimensional translation of Kandinsky's color and form relations. For in these lessons the rule of color and form described by Meyer applied, which, incidentally, was not explored in the sense of synaesthetic investigations, but was determined by agreement. Kelers cradle marks a transition for the Bauhaus: The expressive expression is rejected, the art should not decorate products, but artistic form and color should be understood as a unit. This combination of craftsmanship and artistic constructivism is based initially on elementary forms and colors that remain recognizable as such, resulting in an additive, not yet integrative solutions. Such a simple formal conception is also to be understood as an indication of the yearning for orderly conditions that may replace war, unrest, and inflation. The cradle is actually at the beginning of a new design. It shows a clear, simple, clear order. But it can also be in motion, even shaken. (Jörg tumbler)

Material & Color

Frame: blue, yellow, red and white lacquered, natural wicker

Steel tube: lacquered

Dimensions (cm)

Diameter: 91

Length: 98

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