SPL SF - Horizontal oscillating blade contour cutting machine


Ram Elettronica SpA

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The oscillating blade automatic contour cutting machine SPL SF has been designed to meet the demands of those who want to forget of operative costs.

Thanks to the powerful reciprocating mechanism, this machine can process an extended range of density and hardness PURs, memory, rebounded foams. All these while keeping a constant and super refined cutting accuracy.

A powered turntable and a precise clamp device allow a cross contouring operation for perfect 3D products.

Easiness of use for the end user in automatic and manual operations required an extreme attention in the design of this project. Hedging the operative costs has been a constant aim underlying the project as a whole: quick setup times thanks to a peculiar design of the controlling software user interface, low energy consumptions and a fast and easy blade change are the specs that can well describe the machine quality.

The controlling software can import existing archives thanks to the DXF format compatibility.

Through the RAM Planner new designs can acquired and/or reedited and efficient production plans can be scheduled by preparing complex layouts and precise cutting paths.

The machine can be equipped with automatic unloading and/or loading conveyors for an outstanding level of productivity.

Product details
  • Material: Foam