VCR HANDY - Practical compact vertical blade contour cutting machine


Ram Elettronica SpA

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The tiny vertical contour cutting machine VCR HANDY has been developed for safely support users in the everyday actions of finishing or fixing already cut material.

The extremely reachable design allows a practicality of use without compromises: the whole project has been conceived to safely and rapidly support the user on the required actions on already processed material that otherwise should be done manually on vertical cutters, with inaccurate result and a high level of danger.

The VCR HANDY introduces a very comfortable interaction between the user, the machine-and the material, in all the tasks of manually and automatically cutting and trimming. Moreover, this machine is the perfect solution for the installation in very tight productions thanks to its very compact dimensions.

The controlling software is very easy and quick to use. It can import existing archives thanks to the DXF and other formats compatibility.

Product details
  • Material: Foam