VCR - Vertical blade foam contour cutting machine


Ram Elettronica SpA

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The vertical contour cutting machine VCR has been conceived to meet any kind of production requirement thanks to its modular design and the possibility of being configured, both in length and in width, to maximize the use of the raw material in its standard formats.

Easiness of use for the end user in automatic and manual operations required an extreme attention in the design of this project.

This machine is always capable of offering the best compromise between accuracy and cutting speed thanks to details of value as the cutting head adjustable in height and the automatic sharpening device

The controlling software is very easy and quick to use. It can import existing archives thanks to the DXF and other formats compatibility.

Through the RAM Planner new designs can acquired and/or reedited and efficient production plans can be scheduled by preparing complex layouts and precise cutting paths.

Product details
  • Material: Foam