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GoBright offers two ways to welcome yor visitors.
1. Pre-registration
2. Self-registration.

When inviting a client / visitor to your office for a meeting, you can already pre-register him / her via the GoBright Outlook Plugin, or via the Portal. They receive an invite by email, with a QR code. When they arrive at the reception they can scan the QR code on the Visit registration panel. Now they are signed in and a personalized badge can be printed (optional).

Digital self-registration provides a professional and modern self-registration by visitors. So they arrive without an invitation e-mail. But they can check in with their own details on the registration panel. So the receptionist can continue to focus on her or his core tasks. It is also an ideal tool for unmanned receptions.

In both cases...... After registration, the host receives an SMS and e-mail notification to pick up the guest. In addition, the organization also directly complies with the GDPR-requirements of the EU of visitor registration.


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