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35CC island


Elica S.p.A.

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35CC is Elica's new sensational hood for a kitchen that breaks with the clichés.

Shape and color characterize a design -Object with a heart of technology, very much in the style of Elica.

The shape was created by putting together two "C-shaped" bowls, an outer one that sets the color accent and a functional one made of smooth, perforated stainless steel , which together form an unprecedented cube of only 35 cm.

The hood with the small dimensions and the compact format has a strong take-off performance.

The take-off surface extends to Three sides, which ensures a remarkable extraction performance.

A concentrate of perfect form and efficiency, 35CC is a product with a strong charisma that combines functionality and versatility through different types of extraction: with perimetric suction or with macro-perforated Inox - Steel.

The Produk Series includes island or wall versions and the option of installation as a filter or extractor hood. In the version with wall-hung extractor hood, you can choose between a stylish stainless steel exhaust chimney and a back aspiration exhaust duct when the exhaust vent is at the rear of the product.

The exterior shell's color choice is the in the version Evoque (perimetric aspiration) it is possible between white, orange, Tortora (mixture of light brown and gray) and purple and in the version Dynamique (direct extraction by stainless steel perforation) between red, black, yellow and To choose green. In addition, the desired extraction version of 35CC (stainless steel with macro perforation or panel with perimetric aspiration in white, black or stainless steel) can be personalized with accessory kits.

The high-performance illumination consists of 4 LEDs totaling 12 watts

provides good light on the cooktop.

The extraction and lighting functions are controlled by innovative electronic push buttons that only need to be touched.

The result is an outstanding one Product with a strong character and a simple, decided design that enhances your kitchen.

35CC is a product of Elica, a brand that perfectly complements design, attention to detail and care.


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