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BELT wall mounted


Elica S.p.A.

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Belt is Elica's new vertical range hood, combining functionality and design to be perfect for dynamic and innovative households. < / p>

The harmonious interaction between the two geometric lines is the result of the structure of Belt, which consists of a sloping base panel with rounded corners, at the center of which is a horizontal, higher element. Not only does Belt have sleek lines and soft shapes, it's also an ergonomic product that gives you plenty of room to eat while cooking, and the Head Saver profile turns the kitchen into a place where you do not have to worry about accidentally bumping .

The central, shiny steel element, which contrasts with the base of satin-finish steel or black or white glass, is the heart of the print technology.

Compared to the elegant black or black version white glass, the tone-on-tone version made of steel offers a tighter look, where the material contributes to the simplicity of the product.

The central panel mounted on guide rails is detachable, so you can use the anti-grease filter Dismantle and wash metal well and replace the carbon filter well.

The buttons are activated by pressing lightly on a powerful and active Touch Control panel that is designed for both the Duns The extractor hood is available in 55 cm and 80 cm versions, so that the dimensions can be selected to suit the kitchen.

Belt catches the soft lines put the air in their kitchen.

BELT IX / F / 80

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