Coir fibre pads


Amelco Industries Ltd.

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Coir Fibre is made from matured coconut fibre husk which is soaked, crushed, combed and dried. Coir is 100% biodegradable and an environmentally safe product. Coir Fibre possesses a number of distinct advantages such as:


- High moisture absorption

- Biodegradable and environmentally safe

- Slow decomposition rate and durable

- Excellent spring isolator


Amelco manufactures coir fibre from golden colour, specially cleaned, free from husk and impurities with a low dust and moisture content coconut fibre. It is interlaced with polypropylene net in either pads or rolls of up to 215cm in width with weight ranging from 1200g/m2 to 1500g/m2.


For transportation purposes in order to maximise the loading capacity inside a container, the pads are compressed and strapped into a bale.

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