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Foot Roller foot rest


Humantool Oy

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Did you know this about the circulation in your legs?


The movement of the foot functions as a pump, which, in combination with the calf muscle, is responsible for the circulation in your legs. Without this pumping motion, the blood would collect in your legs and cause pain and swelling. The movement occurs naturally as we walk and move about.


When we are sitting or standing still, the Humantool Foot Roller is the best fuel for the essential pump that we have developed over the course of evolution.


The Humantool Foot Roller Stand is an excellent aid for someone who needs to stand a lot. Taking turns in relaxing each leg prevents static stress tension in your legs and in the lower back and pelvic area. The movement of your foot on top of the tube-like support is an efficient pump for improving the circulation and metabolism in your legs. At the same time, you are able to align your pelvis in a healthy and relaxing neutral position.


The Humantool Foot Roller Sit is a great help and joy for someone who must often remain seated. Lifting your feet onto the tube-like support roll eases the pressure on your thighs caused by the front edge of the chair. With the support, the natural swinging motion of the feet can continue effortlessly all day long. You feel as if you have been out walking, and there’s no pain or swelling. Also, your lower and upper back are able to move and relax.

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