R1 (uFit-Sport Jumping Platform)


B.Green Technology Co., Ltd.

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The wooden craft makes you exercise as if in the forests.

Inspired by the nature, it adopts noble and elegant beech wood.

Classic masterpieces perfectly match your living space.

You can enjoy exercising in the natural atmosphere at home.


-Golden-ratio visual beauty with selected natural beech wood material.

Perfectly compatible with every corner at home

-High quality beech with warm texture

Acquired from the forest, you can feel the natural atmosphere even if exercising at home.

-Golden ratio design

It looks simple and high quality due to the combination of aesthetics and mechanics

-120kgs Capacity. Compact size but with large loads

-Power Saving. 50W only which is eco-friendly and power saving.

-40 decibel ultra-quiet process. Bgreen team has developed a patented precision-controlled motor along with high-precision mechanical modules. Comfortable and ultra-quiet sport furniture thus comes into reality.

-AV100-240 universal full-voltage. It makes Sport Jumping Platform accessible to the world!

-Health care. Sport Jumping Platform helps you to exercise like jumping rope that is proved as one of the safest and most effective passive exercises for comprehensive health promotion.

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