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With the VLUV LEIV you set young, colorful accents in your living or working environment. The LEIV is made from a high quality canvas-like polyester fabric that is tightly woven yet airy. And the VLUV LEIV is also healthy: our VLUV has been certified by the IGR eV (Association of Back School Teachers eV) as an "Ergonomic Product".

    Ergonomic sitting and back training in one < / p>

    Ball diameter approx 65cm, suitable for body sizes of 155-175cm

    ideal for standard desk workstations (also for body sizes above 175cm)

    Canvas-like, dense polyester fabric sleeve

    double-cut seam = strong and secure

    robust and dimensionally stable

    can hardly roll away thanks to the sewn-in bottom ring

    clever handle for transportation with one hand

    Phthalate-free, burst-proof PVC inner ball

    YKK quality zip with concealed slider < li>

    suitable up to approx. 120kg body weight

    incl. Cloth cover, inner ball, 2 valves, pump adapters + Operating instructions

    Removable and washable cover

    The set will be delivered uninflated and can be inflated with any standard car, inflatable boat or bicycle pump.

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