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It is possible personalize own mattress with exclusive fabrics of Country Living line, choosing different chromatic combinations in satin of makó Egyptian cotton double twisted.

Altrenotti proposes for its Hybrid, Temptation Top and Emotional Top models upholsteries in natural fibers of high quality: layer of pure cotton 100% combed and “Refino” pure wool of British origin. Layer of pure cotton 100% combed, fiber gotten by the homonym plant, it has excellent hygroscopic properties and therefore a comfortable fit and high sense of freshness in the warm season. “Refino” pure wool, natural fiber of British origin, is characterized by the short and extremely elastic fleece, it has the ability to infuse comfort and warm and its natural properties allow the evaporation of damp and the maintenance of body thermoregulation. To these natural materials is associated the FILL.I.T. that it is a waterproof fiber that allows the passage of water vapor (breathability) and dries very quickly. This technological fiber contains a ceramic material called zeolite, completes the upholstery continuously releasing silver ions. The ion exchange has antibacterial action and maintains a dry microclimate. The mattresses of Country Living collection are enhanced by the Pillow Top use that is removable and washable on both sides. The Pillow Top adapts to the body by modeling itself, improves the acceptance feeling of the mattress and allows the use of ideal quantity of upholstery for a comfort of maximum level. Encourages ventilation and durability of the mattress, making it easier the maintenance and cleaning.

The new sommier base with independent springs is an integral part of the Country Living collection, creates the ideal support and offers maximum comfort to mattresses of the Country Living line.

The supporting structure is made of solid fir wood which gives maximum strength; independent springs system assembled with perimeter box in breathable high density foam. Country Living bed frames are covered by the exclusive Altrenotti fabric, Teflon treated, strain-proof and water repellent. Corners and handles in regenerated leather. The base of the bed frame is removable to facilitate the operation of transport and assembly.

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  • Color: brown
  • Material: Textile fabric
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