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Portapivot's compact glass patch fittings are equipped with invisible pivot hinges, designed to fit seamlessly into any interior style. Our compact glass patch fittings are designed with minimal architecture in mind and are available in 3 anodized colors.

The elegant glass patches can be fitted with any type of 10 mm thick glass. The pivot hinge is designed to be mounted on top of a finished floor and a solid or reinforced ceiling without the need for built-in fixtures.

Portapivot GLASS is equipped with invisible Stealth Pivot hinges, which feature a high-tech comfort closure, that works in both swing directions. These innovative pivot hinges make it possible to create a glass door up to 150 kg, that feels as light as a feather.

The regular version of our glass patches is designed for doors up to 75 kg and feature an adjustable offset axis point that can be set up at either 80 mm or 178 mm, by simply turning the hinge inside the patch.  

The "XL" version is designed for large glass pivot doors up to 150 kg. The XL glass patch can be mounted at 1/3 with an offset axis position or in the centre, with a configurable swing operation of 180° or 360° like a carrousel.

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