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Amplifier output:  2 x 100 Watt


Combine your tailored design with the ideal sound and transform your room into a unique audiovisual experience. Art and technology united in a single product – mooia sound. And the best thing is: you can choose a new motif at any time. For ever-changing interior designs and room experiences. Play the perfect music via AirPlay simply, conveniently and with no wires attached. And you also have the option of connecting content sources via a jack cable.

Each mooia sound unit provides a power of 2x100 watts and can also be combined as an add-on with mooia acoustic air, mooia acoustic wall and mooia acoustic base elements.

Inputs:     Jack 3,5 mm

                AirPort Express


Frequency response:  80 - 22.000 Hz

Power supply:  110 - 230 V

Power input:  max. 220 Watt

Dimensions Sound-Unit:  800 x 200 x 50 mm

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procedes i-d interior design gmbh
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