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Wooden Reed - illuminated handrail


Wooden-Germany UG


The handrail of a different kind – Wooden REED. There are many handrails out there, most of them are made of wood or steel. Even here, WOODEN Germany has found a way to illuminate the wood. The eye-catcher par excellence.

With the Reed WOODEN-Germany also sets on the combination of glass and wood. The real wood is covered by glass of 5 mm thickness, thus ensuring plenty of stability. If you have to get up in the middle of the night and find your way walking down the stairs, you will not be blinded when turning on the special light that the handrail provides.Through the beautiful, warm and pleasent light, your staircase will be illuminated. In this case we also use the economical and modern LED technology . The brackets for the handrail are also special, due to the use of the latest material technology. The 3D brackets that are printed out of a complex Nylon connection ensure perfect fit and are particularly light and very stable. As the brackets are only being made after ordering, the customer can also arrange different angles with us directly. We then manufacture the custom-made holder for your staircase.

We make it colorful. Even those who want to use its handrail in different colors and control it via their smartphone or tablet can select the RGB variant. Thus, 16.8 million colors via free app can be selected and controlled. It should be noted that in woods such as olive and fire tulip various blues only shine slightly through the wood. For this reason we advise the RGB variant with the woods birch or Fantasma to combine. Here the color spectrum is imaged at its best.

Whether in the monochrome or multicolored variant it must be considered, that both variants protrudes a connecting cable at the end or beginning of the rail. This cable should be placed best to a junction box included AC adapter can be connected to a 230V power supply here. But do not worry. After purchasing the product we will contact you and help you through everything.

Maximum length: 5 meters ( then it must be re fed in power supply )
Dimmable: Yes, via app
Luminous flux: 150 lm per meter.

Wood: Applewood, Birchwood, Birch-Birdeye, Oak, Ash, Walnut wood, Olivewood, Tulipwood

End cap: polished stainless steel, POM, stainless steel

Product details
  • Color: nature
  • Material: Wood
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