3S•MAGNET - Magnetic storage system composed of wall covering and magnetic accessories


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Magnetic storage system composed of wall covering and magnetic accessories

3S magnet is a system composed of a base plate and magnetic accessories.
3S magnet plates are practical and have easy to clean surface. You can use
them as splashbacks or just stipes glued onto the existing wall covering in the
kitchen, decorative panels, or black boards in children’s rooms. Our extensive
catalogue of accessories, such as shelves, hangers, holders and hooks, gives
you the perfect opportunity to design a system tailored to your wants, likes, and

3S Magnet is a creative and flexible storage solution for every room!

It gives new meaning to the term “flexible design”, and is the epitome of our
company’s motto: “Don’t change your habits, change your furniture! “. 3S magnet
plates / splashbacks are available in bespoke dimensions and different colours,
so you can order a creative surface, fitted entirely to your wants, likes, and needs.
Next, you can choose from a variety of over 40 magnetic shelves, hangers,
holders, and hooks, which fasten onto the base plate.

Choose and change the purpose

With your selection of the accessories, you can choose the purpose of your
system, and you can change the purpose at a later point. A 3S magnet plate in
your living room can be a blackboard and play surface for children one year,
a decorative panel with small plants the next, or a wall to exhibit your souvenirs
and pictures the one after that. With 3S Magnet your creativity can roam free!

Product details
  • Color: multi coloured
  • Material: Wood
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