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Uniplyt has developed a new finishing technology – 3D-top coat for painted fiberboard.


What is a 3D-top coat? This is a textured application of painting material, which three-dimensionally displays a particular surface and emphasizes its natural structure. Depending on the scope of product application and your design solution, we can create different effects both in structure and in color. Granite, marble, sackcloth, a variety of wood textures (parts of sapwood or pith) now can come from the plane surface to the new dimension. An application of a wide range of colors and special effects on the fiberboard surface (gold, silver, etc.) can provide an extraordinary versatility.

Features and benefits:


it is a modern type of product;

it will upgrade the traditional designs;

it increases the resistance to surface abrasion and influence of external factors;

it provides a universal design creation and a wide range of application.




furniture manufacture: furniture, seating furniture, racks, sets of shelves, bookcases, chairs parts;

joinery: doors, partitions, panels, ceilings and other decorative elements;

car-building and carriage-building industry: indoor finishing elements.


Increasingly popular modern furniture items without facade doors became the main impulse for development of painted fiberboard with 3D-top coat. In such items the backside deep niche becomes a facade. Therefore, it requires a proper aesthetic appearance of the decorative finish, appealing to the furniture element.


For experienced furniture producers a backside is a test option to expertise the goods quality and scrupulosity of its producers. Actually, the quality of the cabinet furniture backside or bottoms of boxes or drawers in upholstery is an important indicator for the consumer.


Also, 3D-top coat enables using such painted fiberboard as a stylish finishing element of the new trends in the bedroom design, e.g. decorative panel for the bed slats bases.

Wide range of painted fiberboard with 3D-top coat designs provides an unlimited spectrum of this product application.


While implementing this project, we will perform a new level of your design idea realization so that you are always stay exclusive on the market and meet the most demanding needs of your customers.




Painted fiberboard

3D Painted Fiberboard


Sawn timber

Packaging materials



Environmental Safety

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