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The purist design of the furniture, which minimizes the material used, further emphasizes the concept of dematerialisation in Valcucine's development.

The protagonists are The elegance of the glass, the rigor of aluminum and the warmth of the wood, which create system furniture with floating cupboards, base units and benches with storage and seating functions; for a free installation as well as maximum flexibility and versatility in the furnishing of the rooms of kitchen and living.

The flush-fitting living room furniture made of aluminum and glass are equipped inside with illuminated shelves with stray light, are closed with flush-fitting sliding doors and can be opened with a simple movement. The Boiserie can also be accommodated in its interior. Absolutely formal purity even inside the actual wall cabinets, which are equipped with an internal cable duct, which hides the cables and supply lines for lighting elements or TV.

Adapted to this home furniture, so As with all elements of Valcucine Living's system furniture, the floating base units and shelves are available in a variety of finishes: glass, aluminum, MDF, acrylic in all colors available on Valcucine and, of course, in wood: oak, walnut, elm and Lati nero.

At Valcucine Living too, one's own "visions" can be realized. Thus, the fronts of the flush-mounted home furniture can be customized using the glass inlay technology of the Vitrum Arte with their own creative ideas.

The floating base cabinet is both in the simple version with a fixed work surface and Available in a special version with sliding surface: an intelligent solution for using the work surface as a storage and storage space for technical devices such as monitors, stereos and computers without visible cables and leads.

< The glass shelf also provides an integration solution for loudspeakers and amplifiers, which - positioned under the work surface - transmit music throughout the house. The audio system controls are integrated directly into the surface.

The bench not only serves as a convenient storage space and container, it is designed to be just as informal and innovative as seating transform, which can be easily inserted between the upholstered furniture of the living area: The specially developed, reinforced cover plate allows a safe sitting down. Thanks to special braces that support the body, the furniture can therefore withstand high weights and loads.

The drawers of the base cabinets and benches are absolutely safe for children too: the drawers slow down their movement Movement during the closing process and have a damping system, which slows the movement just before the final closing, to prevent pinching of the fingers. Plus: no sharp edges and everything has been designed to prevent accidents.

Valcucine also proves its commitment to protecting the environment in Living's Living development and selects a design that based on dematerialisation and recyclability as well as on the reduction of pollutant emissions and a long service life of the product and thus follows the basic principles of environmental compatibility.

Dimensions: < p> flush home furniture: fronts B 120x120 | 150Xx50 / T 410

Base cabinet with fixed / sliding work surface: H 180 | 240 | 360 | 480 | 600 / T 412 | 548 | 648 | 800

Storage surface of the base units H 160 | 220 | 250 | 280 | 340 / T 412 | 548 | 648 | 800

Floating shelf

shelf on leveling feet H 160 | 220 | 250 | 280 | 340 / T 412 | 548 | 648 | 800

Flush-mounted home furniture

Base cabinet and shelf

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