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FINESTFOG supplies compact, ready-to-connect water treatment technology for the printing industry. In addition to supplying water for air humidifiers, the provision of fountain water for the printing machines is becoming more and more important.

The heart of a FINESTFOG pure water system is the high-quality composite membrane, specially designed for high efficiency over a long service life. The pure water obtained is brought exactly to the desired water hardness via fine adjustment of the metering station. The advantages for the printing process are enormous:
  • Compensates for fluctuations in tap water quality
  • Prevents stripping of the colour rollers and the build-up of lime in dampening and inking units
  • Longer lifespan for colour rollers
  • Keeps pH level neutral
  • Sharply reduces alcohol requirements
  • Germ-free pure water prevents dampening units from being blocked by microorganisms
  • Sufficiently large pressure tank even when the fountain water is completely replenished
  • High-quality hardening agents at a fair price
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