Feb 10 2019

Keywords of imm cologne - Part 1

imm cologne doesn't present only an excerpt, but instead the entire world of interiors and living, starting with classic free standing cabinets through solutions for the greatest sleeping and seating comfort to the holistic living worlds of premium international brands and the highlights of the design editors from around the world. This is why, when you stroll through the Cologne trade fair, you also won't only find new products and the latest trends for those interested in design, but also entirely concrete solutions for all needs. ambista visited imm cologne 2019 together with the design journalist and trend expert Frank A. Reinhardt. Here are the most important keywords of imm cologne 2019.

#Hygge #Cosiness #Livability

The most important thing in advance: there have been no fundamental changes from the previous year – on the contrary. The trends of "livability" and "cosiness" are reinforced by the products and interiors trends. This is against the background of the increasing importance of home as a place to retreat to. It serves as a protected space in a world that is becoming ever more public, as an expression of personality and as a meeting point for social life – whether with family or friends. More New Year's Eve parties than ever before have been celebrated in private homes and in a private environment.


When we meet with friends more often at home, the interior has to be furnished accordingly. Chairs are therefore very popular.

#Dining room #Dining

The dining room is coming back: four or six chairs at a table. However, the table is multi-functional here: homework is done, games are played, family discussions carried out, people eat here and food prepared with friends is eaten here.

#Sustainability #Organic # Upcycling #Environment #Cares #Demos

Society became increasingly committed to the protection of the environment in the last months of 2018. This attitude will also have increasing impact on consumer behaviour – there will be more action and less discussion: we will buy more mineral water in glass bottles and dispense with plastic bags. For many furniture manufacturers, responsible action in the context of production and product development is in the meantime self-explanatory in Germany. However, demand will increase. This can also be seen from the introduction of the first imm cologne 2019 new products: furniture of solid wood, the use of natural materials (like cork, felt, etc.), smart gardening (similar to the refrigerator for the cultivation of plants with a growth-optimising app). This development is promoted by the boom in small gardens and urban gardening, etc.

#100 years of Bauhaus

Good design also has something to do with sustainability – namely when furniture isn't so quickly disposed of. A furniture classic, a product with a history, today belongs in any self-respecting home. Retro is no longer a single style, but instead a holistic design principle that is sometimes more modern, and sometimes as authentic as possible. Original designs are being reissued and reaching many fans. In the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, several classic designs from Bauhaus designers like Marcel Breuer, Walter Gropius or Mies van der Rohe have been reinterpreted.

#Mid-century modern #Mid-century Style

Pleasant, shapely formal language that awakens shared memories in us; contributes to the themes of cosiness and livability.

#Merging of living areas

The merging of living areas is advancing constantly. This is especially taken into account by architects when it comes to new buildings. Living space is being enlarged. The kitchen and the living room are being combined increasingly often. This was a top trend at LivingKitchen 2019 – kitchen furniture is becoming more "furnitury"/livable and and taking over the living room with shelves, dining tables and additional storage space. Patios and gardens are transforming into second living rooms. High quality outdoor furniture is the logical consequence of this trend. On the other hand. the trend-driven attempt to merge the bathroom and the bedroom seems to have failed.


How can we optimise living in a small space? There, a lot of furniture is being optimised to save space in a limited space: folding, sliding and multi-functionality are in demand, and initial solutions could also be found at imm cologne 2019. A growth market. That the wish for well-designed furnishings adapted to the space is also increasing for smaller spaces is shown again this year by the once again expanded offering of smaller furniture: sofas, armchairs, side tables and consoles are becoming more delicate. The XXL faction is shrinking.

#Multiple usage of rooms

The bedroom has the potential to become a superstar, as a place for peace and quiet, a retreat, a reading room, a creative workplace, etc.


The home is divided up into two zones. We welcome our friends in the more public zone; in the private zone we can relax and leave private things lying around. The bathroom, which is increasingly closely linked with the bedroom, also falls under this second category. However, not only the en suite bathroom is being updated for comfort – the standard bathroom must also increasingly satisfy requirements for livability and is sometimes being upgraded into a kind of private spa, in which similar criteria (keywords: natural/materials imitating nature, wood, trend colours, wallpaper, furniture) are taken into consideration as in the rest of the living area.

#Warm minimalism

When a trend, like the current one of livability, is very dominant, one often finds a counter-trend somewhere else: and it is in fact becoming minimalist in our homes again. That means that we have to clear away all of the decorative objects and objects of daily life. We need more room for this. And because we nonetheless also want to have it "nice" at home, this minimalism is then not as consistent as representatives of Bauhaus would have wished after all. The materials are too rich for this, and the colours too distant from the primary colours: minimalism in antique pink or velvet green is simply much more homey than black and white or black-white-red-yellow.

The growing complexity of our everyday lives is intensifying the desire for clarity and order in our homes. Simplification is strived for by reducing household and consumer goods (keywords #happycleaning, #degrowth, etc.).

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Dining room Set MI-204, MIT-1060

by Mobilia Design Sdn. Bhd.

D1 Bauhaus cube armchair

by TECTA Bruchhäuser & Drescher KG
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