Nov 24 2020

7 tips: How to write effective texts

Texts make up a large part of the communication in marketing. It is only stupid if nobody reads them. So how do you manage to escape the wastebasket and get your readers excited about you and your offer? How do you reach even more people? We give you 7 tips for good, effective texts.

"Here is the Ärzte Deutsche Fernsehen with the daily news." This is how the German news programme ARD began on 23 October. Anyone who was zapping through the channels at the time was sure to stay tuned in. Random spectators like regular viewers probably also dropped their jaws.

Because when a conservative news programme has its familiar intro played by a punk band whose musicians appear dressed in a suit, it causes a stir. If you want to achieve the same with your communication, take a look at the following 7 tips for sustainable lyrics. 

1. play with expectations 

What happened on 23 October had never happened before. Consequently, it attracted maximum attention and reached a lot of people. So it's worth breaking with conventions, changing the usual channels and simply doing it differently than usual if you want to place a message effectively. 

For effective texts, this means: look for an entry point that nobody expected. Perhaps you will also find a guiding theme that illustrates what you have to offer and causes your product to take place on a different thematic level. Look where your target group is and choose a channel where you can tap into additional potential. 

2. dare to leave the comfort zone 

Formulating the text against expectations may take some effort. You may feel that you are upsetting your regular customers. But what about those who do not yet buy from you? Will you be able to reach them if you do things the way you do? 

The action of the punk band “die Ärzte” also polarized, because (oh what a surprise!) the new album was released on the same day - the first one after a long break in work. In this way, the three musicians had not only drawn attention to the plight of the cultural workers, but had also brought themselves into conversation. So they shamelessly used the platform for their own purposes? 

One way or another: those who thought the Tagesthemen were too conservative up to now might take a look more often in the near future. Where “Die Ärzte” were previously not on the playlist, they now rock the house - not only because of the new album. Courage is usually rewarded. 

3. speak like your target group 

If a text is to be effective, it must suit the people for whom your offer is made. Are these people who express themselves in tapeworm sentences with many nouns? Who go to bed with a foreign language lexicon under their pillow and prefer to play bullshit bingo in their spare time? Probably not. 

So don't use interchangeable phrases, even if that seems attractive at first glance. Use verbs and adjectives for meaningful texts. Formulate actively and concretely. Make sure that it is easy to understand. A little trick: Read out loud what you have written. That way you'll know when things get stuck. 

To dispel any misconceptions: it doesn't have to be a school language! Correct grammar and spelling are of course a must, but a sentence may also begin with "and". And that is a good thing. Because it probably corresponds much more to the everyday language of your target group. 

4. write from the customer's perspective 

Do not brag about superlatives. Instead, tell them how you can help your customers and thus prove your expertise "behind the scenes". Sustainable texts benefit those who read them. What do your customers need and want? How can you offer added value with your offer? 

Also consider: What do your customers like? What hobbies do they have, what kind of music do they listen to, what comes on the table, what do they have to deal with in everyday life... Have courage and see how you can immerse yourself in this cosmos by writing. 

To illustrate tips 3 and 4: 

Our large furniture store invites the whole family to stay" becomes: "Each of the three floors of our furniture paradise is as big as a football field. Malte and Josephine enjoy themselves under supervision in the Kinderland while you do your shopping in peace and quiet and afterwards enjoy a cappuccino in the bistro". 

5. think in stories 

"Show, don't tell!", is a rule of writing. Showing instead of babbling. Effective texts create images and are thus better remembered. This is because they address not only the rational but also the emotional level. 

"A crowd of people had formed before the Kinderland. In the bistro, Klaus chewed his nails instead of the strawberry cake while Petra picked up the shards of her cup. The capitulation from the loudspeaker turned a fearful supposition into bitter reality: 'MALTE wants to be fetched from the ball pool immediately!

If you think now: "We would never write something like that!" Why not? I refer you to tip 1! You could start like this and then continue: "Never fear. We don't have such a thing here. After all, we are the furniture paradise, not the furniture hell!" 

Or you could consider how to illustrate your offer with analogies. I'll give you an example from the TV commercials and I'm sure you know the spot. Why? Because it turns a medical subject into a knightly tale with a damsel in a castle. Well, does it ring a bell? If not: Please come this way

6. do not take yourself so seriously 

What this spot also shows beautifully: laughing is not only healthy, but also relieves tension. In this case it becomes easier to tackle the unpleasant subject of erectile dysfunction. With humour, the provider creates closeness and wins over viewers. 

Who laughs with you is on your side. Not taking yourself too seriously has the chance of a sympathy bonus. Just like with Musterring brand ambassador Sky du Mont! What works in films also applies to sustainable texts! 

7. have the courage to leave a gap 

Nobody's perfect! Not even you. Turn weaknesses into strengths. Think from the customer's point of view here too. Like the optician, where the little nerd finds his destiny. That's great for customers. After all, who better to advise them than someone who meticulously measures their eyesight and makes sure that the glasses match their face? 

The tired consultant could become the test sleeper for your bed department. The boss, who has already put on a belly, personally demonstrates the advantages of all the kitchen appliances. And Mrs Meier, who to her sorrow measures 2 metres, is a grenade when planning modern kitchens without dangerous hanging bonnets and cupboards. 


Effective texts are fun. Step by step, venture out of the comfort zone, get creative and see how your customers react. Often you don't know what you are missing until you have tried it. 

Would you like more tips? Then you'll get even more inspiration for communicating with your target group in the article "How to turn customers into buyers".

Author: Christine Piontek

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