Nov 05 2019

An illuminating cooking experience

Lighting fixtures in the kitchen are usually placed in practical locations. They hang from the ceiling, are mounted directly over the countertop or brighten up the cooking area with a small light source in the range hood. The Schott technology group is now revolutionising lighting in the kitchen: The Ceran Excite lighting solution is the first to place an LED light under the cooktop in order to integrate light as an intelligent control element during cooking.


Kitchen innovations “Made in Germany”

While many countries produce good quality, no other country gives it such a high priority as Germany. It is no wonder that exports are booming, with Germany ranking third in the world after China and the USA. The “Made in Germany” label also stands for quality and, most of all, innovation in the kitchen sector.

When it comes to design and the latest technology, German kitchens enjoy an unrivalled reputation. Renowned manufacturers such as Nobilia, Häcker, Leicht Küchen and Nolte regularly present new developments, high-quality materials, improved design elements and functional equipment.

Schott, the specialist for glass and glass ceramic, has achieved yet another milestone in the area of kitchen innovations. With Ceran Excite, the company is introducing an innovative cooktop lighting solution that will guide, warn and put the user in the right mood when working in the kitchen. 

Siemens Home Appliances was the first manufacturer to integrate Ceran Excite into its Siemens iQ700 activeLight product. The cooktop does not have any markings – the pure black glass screen only comes to life when cooking, taking you to a whole other level of user experience. 

Cooking becomes more interactive

Schott’s latest product makes it possible for household appliance manufacturers to make induction cooktops even more interactive and functional. Ceran Excite is a portfolio of light-optimised materials, filters and coatings.

The new technologies allow the energy-efficient LED light sources under the Ceran cooktop to shine through the dark surface with stunning clarity and brightness. “We are very pleased that Ceran Excite is ushering in a new era in cooking,” says Dr. Jörn Besinger, Head of Product Management and New Business Development for Ceran at Schott.

The new system solution also allows visual feedback: Cooking zone markings can be displayed in different colours, cold and hot areas are indicated with different lighting solutions and integrated high-resolution monochromatic TFT displays are no longer a problem.  

This means that recipes and cooking ideas can be displayed directly on the cooktop. User interaction and intelligent operability turns cooking into an exciting experience. 

Design lovers are also sure to be delighted: When switched off, the light zones are not visible so all you see is an elegant, uniform black surface. There is no telling where the colourful designs will light up at the touch of a button. When switched on, the light emitted is true to colour, sharply contoured and even.

“Light is a highly emotional component that makes products more exciting,” explains Besinger. The wide range of possibilities lets you create an aesthetically pleasing ambience and Schott’s lighting concept also supports many smart solutions. 

Innovative lighting concept

Light is not only an essential furnishing element in the kitchen but for every room. Ceran Excite shows that light can also perform various functions during cooking. The technical innovation makes it possible to address every member of the family and involve them in the cooking process.

While technology enthusiasts are impressed by the connectivity of the LED system with the smartphone, hobby chefs can be flexibly guided through the cooking process by the light – including warning signals if necessary. And those who would rather just look on are fascinated by the play of light. Cooking becomes an awakening of completely new senses – for the whole family.

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