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Jun 11 2018

Acoustic lighting – a sales hit that creates a quieter environment with optimal lighting

Lighting that absorbs acoustics is conquering the market. The strong retail demand can be easily explained because these lighting fixtures enhance well-being and productivity in not just one but two ways: sound-reducing light sources combine noise minimisation with highly efficient LED technology for excellent lighting. They are a sustainable solution for a more tranquil ambience with pleasant illumination in modern open-plan offices, restaurants and housing – with low planning and installation costs combined with innovative design. 

Modern office buildings have an expansive feel. Glass facades and smooth surfaces in exposed concrete or ceramics play a major part in creating this architectural effect. But these are just the sorts of materials that reflect distracting sound well. The constant background noise increases stress levels while working and makes concentrating more difficult. This can be remedied quickly and cost-effectively by installing lighting fixtures that significantly improve the room acoustics and boost daily productivity. They bring tranquillity to spaces where there’s always lots going on: open-plan offices and co-working spaces, customer service centres, hotels, restaurants and lounges, but also modern housing and home offices. These multifunctional light sources are made with sound-absorbing materials and equipped with the latest generation of LED technology for pleasant lighting paired with harmonious and visually impressive design. They are quick to install, but also an effective measure with low planning and labour costs. The pioneers driving this trend are the Italian manufacturers Artemide and Luceplan with innovative light sources such as Silent Field and Diade. The already extensive range of acoustic lighting that also looks stylish is expanding further. 

Artemide – Silent Field 

The round pendant lamp Silent Field is part of the Acoustic Light series by Artemide. It is equipped with twelve swivelling LED spotlights that provide optimal lighting in a wide variety of spatial situations. Crater-like hollows in the shade surface create a pattern in different material thicknesses, which increases sound absorption and reduces noise levels in the room. The light fixture is ideal for illuminating both individual workplaces and as an ensemble in a conference room. Silent Light is an aesthetically stunning feature in living spaces and every bit as suitable as a purely decorative light source. 

Muuto – Under the Bell

At first glance, the pendant lamp Under the Bell with its striking grooved shape adds powerful accents in a room, perhaps as an eye-catching fixture above a dining or conference table. It is only when you start a conversation or the background noise increases that the dome-shaped shade made from recycled felt reveals its acoustic properties – as it did at the Muuto stand at imm cologne 2018. The voluminous LED pendant light looks like a bell, and its open-pore material creates a shielded area and considerably improves the room acoustics. 

Luceplan – Diade 

Diade by Luceplan is a linear LED lamp ideal for workplaces. It is formed of two panels, which can be positioned vertically or horizontally. The body of the lamp is covered with textiles and thermoformed from sound-absorbing wadding. It is shaped with lines that simultaneously serve a structural and a decorative purpose. The central line directs light downwards, and its position can be varied by adjusting two beams. 

Martinelli Luce – Lent

The Lent acoustic lamp by Martinelli Luce is formed of a black aluminium reflector made from noise-absorbing materials and a decorative fabric available in grey, yellow mustard and moss green. The LED element in the centre of the hanging lamp is dimmable. With its linear, dynamic shape, it is suitable for use in both private residences and contract furnishing. 

BuzziSpace – BuzziLight Mono

BuzziLight Mono looks like a Chinese lantern, especially in its single-coloured red version. The felt strips in the lamp "swallow" sound. They are fixed to a delicate steel structure, enabling light to be diffused on all sides. The monochrome lights by BuzziSpace work especially well when arranged as a group at different heights. They are available in a large selection of colours, ranging from subtle beige to luminous green. 

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