Sep 15 2019

Amazon Interior Day: insights for the furniture industry

möbel kultur magazine joined forces with the experts at Finc3 Commerce to organise the “Amazon Interior Day” in Hamburg on 28 August. On the agenda of the event were the top questions relating to marketing and selling furniture online: how important is Amazon for the furniture trade today? What demands does the digital marketplace make of the logistics systems of its partners? What are the best practices? How can companies visibly enhance performance on Amazon? Which content and marketing strategies lead furniture companies to success?

At the event, around 40 participants and seven experts discussed how the German furniture industry can benefit from the American online retailer. They came to the following conclusion: the furniture business must adopt a completely new approach for its presence on Amazon – but doing so can pay off. First, however, let’s go back to the beginning.

The status quo: the German furniture trade and e-commerce

First up was möbel kultur’s editor-in-chief Sascha Tapken, who explained the current relationship between the German furniture trade and the growing e-commerce business. Finc3’s Managing Director Jan Bechler corroborated this description and summed things up by saying: “The world of retail will have to undergo a fundamental renewal by 2025.” Afterwards, Annika Singer from the GfK market research institute explained why online retailing is so attractive for end consumers.

After that general input, the programme dove deeper into the Amazon topic.While Dr Martin Ahnefeld, Executive Partner of Ahnefeld Möbel-Logistik, analysed the challenges digital retailing is presenting to logistics, the company Möbel Rauch is keen to tap into the potential of the platform for developing its brand. 

“We reach 30,000 end customers per month with our website. That’s just a fraction of the monthly reach when we sell our products through Amazon,” says employee Frank Schad from the online team. 

The right strategy for successful online trading

Andreas Bork of Finc3 then demonstrated the importance of having the right strategy in order to achieve visible success on Amazon. This was followed by further insights from the international online marketing group. 

Finc3 Team Leader Anne Freymuth explained how to get the most out of your presence on Amazon using adapted product descriptions and search engine optimisation, and Managing Director Sven Koch delved deeper into the topic with his presentation “How can I get the ‘plus X’ from my account?”. 

You’ll find more information on the Amazon Interior Day in the October issue of möbel kultur

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