Amazon launches its own furniture brands

E-commerce retailer Amazon has expanded its range with two Amazon own-brand furniture labels, Movian and Alkove. While the Movian line features a flexible and practical collection of modern, Scandinavian-inspired furniture, Alkove is positioned as a “high-end brand”, according to Amazon’s recent press release.

Feb 19 2019

Movian – Scandinavian-style furniture

The Movian collection includes on-trend products for every room, from the minimalist Aveyron single bed to the Japanese-inspired designer wardrobe Kolva. With functional products like the practical Ruby accent chair, Movian offers quality items that are designed for customers who want to create their own unique living space. Prices for items in the collection range from Euro 54 to 760.

Amazon’s high-end furniture brand Alkove

Amazon describes Alkove as aimed at customers who are looking for premium design and quality materials. The brand offers a superior-quality collection of sophisticated key pieces like the sleek, handcrafted leather sofa Porto.

Stylish products such as the modern solid-wood bed Hayes and an extendible dining table with the same name complete the range. Items in the Alkove collection are priced between Euro 80 and 1,500.

The range will be expanded with additional home furnishings and accessories, including lighting and textiles.

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