Jan 12 2018

“With my paints, it’s easy to make furniture beautiful”

Anna von Mangoldt has made a career out of her passion for paints. At the young age of six, she claimed a section of the cellar in her parents’ house as her own “studio”, where she worked enthusiastically on all kinds of artworks. Young Anna tried her hand at her first wall design in her parents’ bathroom, where she decorated the sober white walls with a frieze of Noah’s ark. The young paint designer now sells 168 shades of high-quality wall and furniture paint across Europe under her own brand name. Her chalk emulsions are a special highlight in her collection – exceptionally deep, perfectly matt colours with a high proportion of natural chalk and china clay.

Ms von Mangoldt, how did you become a paint designer?

I’ve painted pictures from a very young age, so mixing paints has always been a very natural process for me. I started mixing wall paints when I began to sell English paints in Germany. For me, the “right” colours were always missing. They were either too loud and eccentric, or too grey and gloomy. English and German houses simply look very different, and that’s why they need different colour palettes. I mixed matt hues, both powdery and bold, that are a better match for the architecture and the light in Germany. That’s how I became a paint designer.

How did studying history and art history at the University of Warwick in the UK influence your creations?

During my degree, I learnt a lot about Europe’s history, with a focus on the emergence of particular design movements. I was especially interested in the trade in luxury goods such as porcelain and fabrics between Asia and Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries. Through this I had a lot of contact with very fine, inspiring objects and works of unbelievable craftsmanship. In art history, I was inspired by artists like Matisse, Manet and Yves Klein – I found them really stimulating. At the same time, my time in England influenced me in terms of colour because people there are much freer with colours than we have been here in Germany up until now. 

How are your paints different to other manufacturers’?

If you put the different colour palettes alongside each other, you’d be able to see many differences immediately. Both the hues and the finishes are quite unlike other manufacturers’. My palette consists of 168 colours that have been carefully chosen to complement each other perfectly and that work incredibly well in our homes. You really can’t make any mistakes with my colours. Alongside very matt, powdery chalk emulsions for walls and furniture, I also have an extremely flat matt wall paint called Resist in my collection. Resist is ideal for heavy-traffic rooms, and it’s washable and very matt at the same time. This combination is unique.

What is different about your chalk emulsions? What’s their special feature?

My chalk emulsion is very matt and powdery, adheres to almost all substrates and is suitable for both walls and furniture. The very environmentally friendly, odourless paints are very easy to work with and have excellent coverage. With these emulsions, it’s easy for both decorators and non-professionals to make walls and furniture beautiful. What’s especially attractive about the chalk emulsion is its rich surface, which breaks the light much more softly and reveals different nuances in the hues depending on the time of day.

Why are your paints especially well suited for painting furniture?

Of my paints, both the chalk emulsion and the eggshell are ideally suitable for use on furniture. With the chalk emulsion, you can create an extraordinarily beautiful, antique-looking surfaces by waxing the surface and, if needs be, varnishing it. There are many decorative effects that you can apply on furniture with the chalk emulsion. The furniture should always be protected with my wax or clear enamel. The eggshell by contrast dries to create a very even mid-sheen surface, has very little odour and is also very easy to work with.

Where do you sell your paints, and who are your biggest competitors?

I sell my paints through the trade agency Glenn Fulton Flooring to interior decorators, interior designers, furniture showrooms, interior architects and the high-end painters’ trade. End customers can consult them for advice and order from them. I also have an online store, where customers can order direct from us. My biggest competitors are the English manufacturers Farrow & Ball and Little Greene. But their hues, finishes, prices and marketing are different from Anna von Mangoldt Farben, so much so that I generally see them as alternative suppliers rather than competitors.

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