Mar 12 2018

Award-winning: the burgbad RL40 lighting concept

Lighting is often a tricky issue – especially in bathrooms. On the one hand, it must be bright enough for shaving and applying make-up; on the other hand, bathrooms in particular demand a feel-good atmosphere. Until recently, it was difficult to imagine all the requirements for this space being met. Now, however, bathroom furniture specialist burgbad has launched an innovative new product called mirror cabinet RL40 onto the market in cooperation with the Bartenbach research institute.  The mirror cabinet is not only an element of the bathroom decor, it also complements the overall design of the bathroom. The mirror concept has already won the German Design Award 2018

Based on the latest research findings in the field of lighting design, burgbad has created a mirror cabinet that responds to users’ varying needs. The state-of-the-art, interactive lighting control system is touchless and navigated intuitively through finger gestures. The indirect room light at the top of the mirror cabinet is combined with two dazzle-free LED light sources integrated on the sides. With this joint action, the bathroom is fully illuminated and the lighting sometimes appears like natural light in the sky.

The right light at the right time

The choice of four pre-programmed lighting effects – Activation, Relaxation, Basic and Care – ensures the right ambience at all times.
Activation – an illumination level similar to daylight stimulates the body in the morning

  • Relaxation – lighting akin to candlelight creates a comfortable atmosphere
  • Care – especially useful for shaving or applying make-up, reflects the natural colour of the face most effectively
  • Basic – allows a preferred mood to be set individually, which is then automatically configured using a light switch

In addition to the Care and Basic effects, the Circadian setting can also be activated. The intensity and colour of the light then automatically follow the natural day/night rhythm.

Digital living made easy

With the RL40 Cube, burgbad has supplemented the RL40 lighting concept with a handy remote control that can be integrated wirelessly into the lighting system. The control unit, with its playful and friendly design, serves as an interface between the user and the technology. This way, lighting needs can be selected to suit the situation even from the bathtub, for example. Each side of the cube displays a symbol that indicates a mood. The lighting effect can be changed, dimmed or amplified simply by rotating it. The language-independent form of communication and the large symbols ensure optimum usability, regardless of disability, age or nationality. The simplicity of its operation means the user almost overlooks the complexity of the control technology that is integrated in this system. The RL40 Cube will be available to buy from April 2018.

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