Jan 26 2021

Bathroom furnishings - modern and comfortable

Everything to do with wellness is in vogue. This also includes the modern bathroom. It scores with new colour concepts, elegant shapes and a lot of comfort.

BetteLux Oval by Bette (Design: Tesseraux + Partner) 

All-white was yesterday: Bathtubs like the free-standing BetteLux Oval Silhouette provide colourful accents in the bathroom. For example, a satin blue colour gloss discreetly sets the scene for the oval tub body. The bathtub is made of glazed titanium steel and is characterised by flowing yet clear lines. A filigree folded rim allows for flush installation. This narrow rim results in a generous inner body with a high level of reclining comfort.

The BetteLux Oval bathtub sets colourful accents in the bathroom © Bette

Lavo 2.0 by Burgbad (Design: Werksdesign, Teresa Meister) 

Furniture that makes the bathroom homely: The new Lavo 2.0 bathroom furniture collection includes a washbasin that looks like a chest of drawers, elegant consoles, sideboards and highboards as well as atmospherically illuminated display cabinets on slender aluminium legs. The furniture from Burgbad harmonises with the oval design of the cast mineral washbasin and illuminated mirror. Rounded shapes, finely designed fronts and vertical lines define the design.  

With a variety of surface finishes, the bathroom furniture matches different furnishing styles, depending on the choice of colours and surfaces made of melamine or thermoformed fronts. Lavo 2.0 offers soft matt as well as high-gloss colours, dark as well as light wood decors. The vertical handles for display cabinets, cupboards and base units are available in either chrome or black.

The Lavo 2.0 programme from Burgbad gives the bathroom a homely touch © Burgbad

Artis by Villeroy & Boch (colour concept: Gesa Hansen) 

With Artis, the name says it all - the collection consists of fine shapes with a harmonious colour concept. Artis countertop washbasins from Villeroy & Boch stand out with their filigree sanitary ceramics made of TitanCeram. The innovative material, developed by the company's research department, enables extremely thin walls. The washbasins have a correspondingly light appearance. They are available in round, oval, rectangular or square shapes. Countertop washbasins are an alternative to the wall-mounted washbasin and are placed directly on a vanity unit or slab.  

The Artis collection comprises twelve coordinated colours as well as nuances of black and grey. Shades such as bright yellow, fresh green, delicate blue and autumnal rose set striking accents in the bathroom. The colour concept comes from the designer Gesa Hansen, who lives in the countryside around Paris. She was inspired by the changing colours of the seasons in the French capital.

Artis - finely shaped countertop washbasins with a creative colour concept © Villeroy & Boch

Aqua by Alape / Dornbracht Group  

The colourfulness of the Aqua washbasin series was inspired by the colour nuances of the natural water surface: Deep Blue, Deep Green and Deep Indigo. The bowl basins by Alape are characterised by their slender shape made of three-millimetre-thin glazed steel. Their new glaze creates an extraordinary optical depth that is otherwise only achieved by glass.  

During the manufacturing process, a slightly irregular colour gradient is created in the basin, making each piece unique. The iridescent effect is achieved by a certain amount of clear enamel in the glaze. The interplay between the colour, feel and shape of the Aqua bowl creates unique surfaces in rich shades of blue and green that become eye-catchers in the bathroom.

Inspired by the colourfulness of natural water surfaces: Aqua washbasin © Alape / Dornbracht Group

Essence Colours from Grohe  

Rich in variety, modern and minimalist: the Essence Colours mixers from Grohe give the bathroom an individual touch. With the extensive range, the bathroom furnishings look as if they have been cast from a single mould. At the same time, state-of-the-art production technology ensures durability.  

The Essence collection offers a wide selection of formats, colours and surfaces - from mixers to showers and accessories. The entire series is available in Hard Graphite, Nickel, Warm Sunset (rose gold) and Cool Sunrise (gold), each with a brushed or high-gloss finish. SuperSteel and chrome versions are also available.  

The series is produced using the innovative PVD manufacturing process. It allows a wider range of colours and makes the surfaces harder and more scratch-resistant than galvanised fittings.

A wide range of variants characterises the fittings in the Essence Colours collection © Grohe

Sonar by Laufen (Design: Patricia Urquiola) 

When designing the Sonar bathroom series, Patricia Urquiola wanted to explore the design possibilities of sapphire ceramics. The material obtains its hardness, which is unusual for ceramic materials, by adding the colourless mineral corundum, which occurs in sapphire. This enabled the designer to create very thin-walled and narrow double washbasins, for example. They measure only 100 x 37 centimetres and also fit into small bathroom layouts. 

Characteristic of the design of the series are the D-shape and a fine three-dimensional surface texture on the outside. This texture resembles sound waves spreading in water. The Sonar range includes a bathtub, various washbasin versions and WCs.  

It is complemented by rectangular drawer units, vanity units and tall cabinets made of MDF and lacquered in metallic shades. The tops of the vanity units are also available in copper or Nero Marquina, a black limestone with white veining.

The Sonar bathroom series in sapphire ceramic is complemented by matching drawer units and cabinets © Laufen

Borghi by Antoniolupi (Design: Gumdesign) 

Borghi is inspired by shapes and colours from the Tuscan tradition. The new freestanding washbasin by Antoniolupi consists of two contrasting materials: cork as a column-like base and Cristalmood for the basin. Cork is an elastic natural product that does not mind moisture and is also flame retardant.  

The transparent, resistant and solid-coloured synthetic resin Cristalmood was developed by Antoniolupi. The industrially produced material is durable and sustainable: Like the recycled cork used for Borghi, it can be recycled. 

Colours are returning to the bathroom, as subtle and varied as they are in other living spaces. And when it comes to materials, there are many new developments that make comfortable and easy-care surfaces look and feel pleasant.  

Author: Heike Edelmann 

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