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Jul 16 2018

Best Agers: furniture buyers with substantial purchasing power

Best Agers are a target group that the furniture industry should not underestimate. And it’s no surprise. After all, 49- to 69-year-olds are a demanding group of customers that enjoy shopping. According to a study by BRmedia, Best Agers have above-average interest in high-quality products and show a strong willingness to buy. When buying furniture, they are 20 per cent more likely than other consumers to pay attention to the brand rather than the price.

Relevant facts for the furnishing industry

When it comes to kitchen furnishings, brand preference of Best Agers is as much as 22 per cent stronger than the average. More than half own homes, most of which are houses with gardens – and they are more interested than others in the topics of health, garden, glass and porcelain.

Best Agers have substantial purchasing power, with around Euro twelve billion - and rising. By 2030, half of all Germans will be over 50 years old. And Best Agers are getting richer and richer: according to a study by the German Institute for Retirement Provision (Deutsches Institut für Altersvorsorge), they will inherit more than Euro 3,000 billion in the coming years. This potential is something that furniture retailers with expensive products should not underestimate – in fact, this advice applies to them all the more so.

Best Agers: an affluent group of consumers

But who exactly are these Best Agers? Just another catchword in the marketing machine? What distinguishes them from seniors? Basically everything and nothing. Best Agers feel young. They lead active lives, are enjoying their best years, aren't yet retired with their children mostly grown up, have above-average amounts of money at their disposal and want to spend it.

And this shows the difference between Best Agers and seniors: while seniors knew war, hard work and thrift, their children were born into the years of the economic miracle. Best Agers have turned 'buying' into 'shopping' as a recreational activity and have learnt that only the best is good enough for them. Find out here how to win over Best Agers as furniture customers.

Emotionally appealing and informative advertising on all channels

Best Agers use many types of media to select the best offer. When buying furniture, they pay attention to quality, reliability and unique shopping experiences. As a result, you can reach Best Agers through targeted advertising and with a compelling online presence and shop concepts.

Advertising for Best Agers should be both emotionally appealing and informative. After all, most of them are well-educated, spending-savvy and well-connected. Online as well as analogue: Best Agers get information online, as well as from brochures and friends, to find the best offers and most competent advisers.

Create intuitive shopping experiences in online furniture shops

Best Agers are active Internet users. For example, they are the most likely age group to bank online. Therefore it is worthwhile to adapt online furniture shops to reach this target group, design websites clearly, choose suitable fonts and guide visitors to the desired information quickly with an intuitive navigation.

Despite this focus on practical aspects, feelings must not be neglected: appeal to emotions with warm images and colours and pleasant pages with a straightforward structure. Emotive words and catchphrases, snappy slogans and pop-ups may be well received by young buyers, but Best Agers consider them unprofessional.

Aesthetically pleasing furniture showrooms

Best Agers love to buy products which they can identify with. To achieve this result, furniture showrooms must be emotionally appealing, tidy and aesthetically pleasing. Pleasant smells, friendly colours and soft tones play an important role.

So does good lighting and signage in furniture stores, because for people over 50, eyes naturally show signs of age: illuminate spaces brightly and adapt price tags to viewers' eyes with large, easy-to-read fonts.

Competent and polite furniture sales advisers

Ultimately, the salespeople in a furniture store are the final, decisive purchasing factor: Best Agers want competent and polite advisers, who communicate with them truthfully and help them make the right decision for their living or bedroom furnishing.

Best Agers prefer to buy the optimal item of furniture for themselves after taking the time to think it over carefully. If a cabinet, wardrobe or couch meets all of their service and quality standards, they'll be happy to return and become loyal, top customers.

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