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Jul 09 2018

Business hotels in change

Business travellers are becoming increasingly selective when choosing a hotel. In addition to possibilities for working and business discussions, they now expect an individual atmosphere. Newer business hotels are attempting to address this change. They offer their guests not only modern work environments, but also extraordinary design.

In the competition for guests, business hotels must today really be imaginative. The star category alone has long since stopped being an adequate criterion for a decision. According to a current study of the German travel association (DRV), the wish for individuality is one of the most important criteria of business people when choosing a hotel. Good equipment and a relaxed atmosphere are especially in demand.

Exceptional interior is in demand

Unique selling points are increasing in importance for hotels, especially with a view to the growing competition of the four and five star establishments in the international business centres. For modern guest houses, therefore, particularly the development of an own identity provides the focus today. The main thing is to position oneself recognisably with a theme. Especially hotels equipped or designed by designers can score business points, particularly with younger target groups. The unusual is charming, and many guests are prepared to pay a little more for an exceptional interior.


Another approach to reaching new guests is the expansion of the spatial possibilities. Instead of the traditional lobby with reception, many newer hotels have spacious lounges with seating units and living room flair. Meetings with business partners are just as possible here as spending relaxed time together. Comfortable workplaces, business or executive lounges also simplify business activities in a temporary home.

Mixing work and leisure time

A large segment of guests today includes younger target groups that increasingly mix work and leisure. Digital networking and communication are just as important to such digital nomads as an individual atmosphere. Newer hotels therefore offer multifunctional lobbies or coworking areas for networked work as a "3rd workplace". The future-oriented offerings in modern business hotels also include mobile check-in and check-out, as well as a room key on the smartphone.

The good economic outlook of the German economy provides the best prerequisite for continued growth in business travel. The trend toward the individual equipping of business hotels has therefore long since reached the lower end of the price spectrum. With a combination of design and affordable room prices, a new generation of accommodation types is conquering the urban hotel market. The focus of these establishments is on functionality, modern multimedia infrastructure and a trendy interior. Addressed by this are, among others, "mobile workers", for whom up-to-date technical equipment is more important than luxury, but who nonetheless don't want to sacrifice a fashionable environment.

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