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Carpets shape the atmosphere of a room

Modern carpets make a decisive contribution to the atmosphere of a room. Their shapes, patterns, colours and textures enrich every interior design plan. They can blend harmoniously into an interior or become a prominent eye-catcher. There is something for every taste - from hand-knotted designer carpets to modular high-tech carpeting.

Jan 13 2021

Diamantina by Amini Carpets (design: based on designs by Gio Ponti)

Triangles that transform into slender diamonds, squares and rectangles in natural tones with some bold accents: Diamantina is a hand-knotted rug from Amini's Design Icons Collection. The complex geometric pattern is based on the design by Milanese architect and designer Gio Ponti (1891-1979). It is reminiscent of ceramic tiles with a diamond pattern, which Ponti integrated into many of his buildings from the 1950s onwards.  

Diamantina is made of a blend of 70 percent Tibetan wool with 30 percent natural silk. The carpet is characterised by a perfect balance between material, shapes and colour.

Enthusiasm for the diamond: the Diamantina designer carpet is reminiscent of designs by Gio Ponti © Amini Carpets ABC Italia Surl / Gio Ponti Archives.

Spaced out by Best Wool Carpets 

The Spaced out carpet from the Monasch by Best Wool collection is colourful and creative. Its design is based on yarns that are dyed in different colours and combined into harmonious colour mixtures. This creates an individual pattern with an interesting depth effect. 

The pure new wool carpets by Monasch by Best Wool are made in the Netherlands from high-quality New Zealand and European wool. The carpets can be tailored to the customer's individual wishes by choosing from twelve qualities, different colours, sizes and edgings.

Spaced out - individual colour mixes with interesting depth effect © Monasch by Best Wool Carpets

Mix by Carpet Concept  

A modular system for the floor: The Mix carpet tile programme offers a large selection of harmoniously coordinated colours and shapes that can be put together individually. It consists of the Basic, Organic and Geometric collections, which match a wide variety of furnishing styles - from modern to natural and classic.  

With the Mix Geometric collection, you can add a sophisticated touch to interior design. A clever combination of dark and light shades in the series can make rooms open and spacious. The modular concept gives free rein to creative ideas, whether clear and puristic or imaginative and playful.

With Mix carpet tiles, the name says it all © Carpet Concept / Photo: HGEsch

Fordite by cc tapis (Design: Patricia Urquiola) 

The Fordite carpet collection by designer Patricia Urquiola is based on the motto of sustainability and recycling. She was inspired by the material of the same name: leftover paint from US car production, dried in layers of paint, which can be cut up and polished to make jewellery. The carpets have a similar layered look.  

For the material, Urquiola chose wool recycled from surplus material in cc tapis carpet production, combined with bright accents of lurex. The outlines of Fordite are based on the shape of a stone. At the bottom of the rugs, colours alternate randomly. The design of the irregular pattern depends on which wool remnants are available for the unique pieces.

Fordite 3 made from recycled material scraps by Patricia Urquiola (left) © cc tapis

Flotex from Forbo Flooring  

It's the mix that makes it: Flotex by Forbo Flooring is a very hard-wearing floor covering. By combining a flocked surface with a robust, waterproof backing, Flotex combines the advantages of textile and resilient flooring.  

With the Flotex Colour collection, versatile floor designs can be implemented - optionally with sheet goods, tiles and planks. They combine modern design with the advantages of a comfortable high-tech textile floor. Extras such as accent stripes and embossed versions are complementary design elements.  

The fibres used offer good sound absorption and also bind allergens and fine dust. Flotex is made from special nylon fibres. All coloured inks used in printing are water-based. During production, material waste from other Forbo production sites is used for the backing construction. The recycled content is more than 50 percent.

Combines the advantages of textile and resilient flooring: Flotex © Forbo Flooring

Yantra by Jan Kath  

The Yantra collection is all about square shapes. Because of its even geometry, the square is particularly well suited as a basis for carpet design. Plato already described the shape as perfectly beautiful. Moreover, the square is the basic shape of many meditation images of Hinduism and Tantrism. It can also be found in the ground plan of temples or monasteries, but also in Palladio's ideal villa.  

The strong colouring of the carpets plays with harmonious gradations and strong contrasts. They are hand-woven in the Himalayas, in India or in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Yantra is made in manufactories that are often run as small family businesses. Natural materials such as high-quality wool and silk make each of the handmade carpets unique. Yantra is made of 100 percent hand-spun and hand-dyed wool.

Hand-knotted carpet Yantra with the square as its base © Jan Kath

Marrakesh by Object Carpet (Rugxstyle Collection, Design: Kathrin and Mark Patel) 

Striking accents that make their mark on the room: Rugx carpets become eye-catchers in living rooms, hotel lobbies or modern office landscapes. A special feature is the Rugxstyle collection. The designers Kathrin and Mark Patel have developed six colourful designs for it, inspired by various metropolises around the globe, from Aarhus to Venice.  

They bring oriental flair like Marrakesh or lush floral splendour like Amsterdam to the floor. The extremely flat high-tech weave is highly durable, sustainably manufactured and offers great walking comfort. Rugxstyle carpets are free of bitumen, latex, PVC and harmful emissions. Thanks to their sound-absorbing Welltex backing, they also improve room acoustics.  

Floor design is an important part of a comprehensive interior design concept. Carpets can set striking accents in the room or ensure a harmonious overall appearance. In addition, they contribute to a quieter room atmosphere by dampening impact sound.  

Author: Heike Edelmann

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