AR- and VR technology in the furniture industry

The market share of e-commerce has grown constantly in recent years, and it can be foreseen that Internet commerce will one day pull ahead of other forms of sales. However, the big players in e-commerce have only just made themselves indispensable, and the next big revolution for the trade is already just around the corner: V-commerce.

Dec 04 2018

Instead of merely browsing between photos and product descriptions, as has been the case to date, new visualisation technologies like virtual and augmented reality now allow completely new insights into the details of all items.

The customer can view products three-dimensionally and realistically in front of them and gain an impression of the effect, form and dimensions of certain products that is incomparably more precise than with small, often out of focus photos.

What added value do VR & AR offer to the interiors industry?

Augmented reality offers consumers the opportunity to bring virtual products into their own homes and to master the hurdle of imagination in e-commerce. Using their smartphone or tablet, customers can see how the individual elements of the preferred kitchen modules might look at the still empty location. They can take measurements, select surfaces, and in this way acquire a clear idea of their new kitchen.

Virtual products in AR provide a quick answer to the question of whether the new product suits the existing furniture, and using a screenshot, the partner, friends or a style consultant can provide their opinions from anywhere, which reduces the number of returns.

Each manufacturer has the possibility to create three-dimensional catalogues and virtual sales worlds in keeping with their image, the atmosphere and formal language of which are optimally tailored to target groups and product segments.

Virtual showrooms know no real boundaries.

Showrooms are also important places, in which customers and products encounter one another. Products are ably presented there, to inspire, to awaken longing and to stimulate the desire to purchase. However, showroom space is expensive. Virtual showrooms know no real boundaries and combine the advantages of digital files with the real lives of your customers.

The outfitting and desired colour can be compiled and appraised with the help of interactive configurators as desired. A large number of products can be presented to customers virtually in a variety of scenarios tailored to them. The selection of hammocks can take place on the beach amongst palm trees, while the sofa is presented in a stylish living room.

In addition to space and the use of products in the showroom, space in the warehouse is also minimised. The potential for pitching new products in their planning phase and producing them in an individualised manner results in an immense economic advantage.

Products become tangible through visualisation technologies.

The key for the digital transformation lies in digital assets, in this case in the 3D data of your products. Deployed correctly, these are like cash in hand. Analytics and market research are ready to provide a knowledge gain. With visualisation technologies like virtual and augmented reality, products become tangible and lively for customers, and the shopping experience is revolutionised.

New visualisation technologies are now indispensable in the context of the digitalisation of markets. The added value provided by these is quite clear for some company areas, and results in unprecedented reach and unlimited potential when used correctly.

BLANX - visualisation for furniture companies

BLANX assists companies in finding the right tools and develops customised media and visualisation solutions. The Cologne company believes that disruptive technologies will have a very important influence on the home & living segment in the future.

As an interdisciplinary media agency with more than 18 years of experience, BLANX sees great business potential in alternative realities. Together with its customers, BLANX combines 3D computer graphics and interactive media with up and coming technologies to transform markets and sales channels.

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