Nov 25 2020

Christmas in a cocoon - it's getting cozy

The year 2020 is coming to an end - and that is a reason for joy and hope. It has put us in our place, pushed us into our own four walls for our own protection and retreat. Many people have made the best of it, refurbished them and adapted them to home office and more time at home. Cocooning is the name of this new cosiness, which is also reflected in the Christmas trends.

The trend towards cocooning is increasing 

"In times of Corona, a cosy and comfortable furnishing of your own home becomes even more important. Due to home office, travel restrictions and event cancellations, most people spend more time in their own four walls than usual," reports the Association of the German Furniture Industry (VDM) in autumn 2020, and its managing director Jan Kurth sums it up: "As a result, they are putting their furnishings to the test. Budgets will be reallocated in favour of the home and long-cherished renovation and acquisition wishes will be implemented". 

Dr. Roland Heintze, an expert for corporate and sales communication, also explains in the ambista interview: "Corona cocooning - i.e. the desire to make your home as beautiful and comfortable as possible - has saved the furniture industry from a deep crash". The focus of cocooning is on home offices, kitchens and sofas - and, as the end of the year approaches, more and more articles for festive decorations for the Christmas holidays. 

The current Christmas trend 2020: Naturalness, family and get-together 

The festivities in 2020 will focus on naturalness, environmental protection, recycling and fragility. These trends were detected by scouts even before the worldwide spread of the virus - yet they remain valid, or are even strengthened by Corona. 

After all, they stand for a world and changes whose long-term consequences will be more serious than those of a pandemic. More and more people are becoming aware of how important sustainability and nature protection are, because they are becoming increasingly aware of the fragility of our ecosystem and life.  

For this reason, calm, warm shades of grey, taupe and sand, light fern green and red-brown are popular at Christmas 2020, as are flowers and leaves worked into glass and paper, painted plants, watercolour looks and natural materials. 

At the same time, decorations that take up themes such as social and ecological production are very popular among urban people. For example, the colourful Christmas balls Jipi from the ames company. These are hand-woven by Colombian artisans in the Andes from the Jipijapa palms known for Panama hats.

The Christmas balls Jipi are available in various colour combinations and in four sizes (6 cm, 7 cm, 8.5 cm and 12.5 cm Ø). Each bauble is unique and handmade by Colombian artesanos. © ames gmbh

Filigree poinsettias are a fragile and poetic element of the Germans

Poinsettia manufacture in trend. Each star is cut by hand with the scissors as a unique specimen and glitters in gold, silver or copper as decoration on the window or tree. The currently popular Christmas articles in pink and silver, glitter and playful, nostalgic shapes and motifs are also glittering and iridescent. 

Delicately shimmering angel wings, nostalgic Father Christmases in classic bishop's robes instead of rustic Santa Claus cosiness, fragile-looking, snow globe-like glosses with wintery Christmassy miniature scenes - they appeal to customers on a very emotional level and correspond to the longing for romance and harmony.  

Elements of tender poetry, as a reaction to a demanding and in some places unsettling world, can also be found in the trends for the festivities at the end of next year. 

The Christmas trends for 2021: staying together (healthy) and moving on 

For the coming year, trend scouts predict that the theme " together " will dominate the Christmas decorating season. The style agency bora.herke.palmisano has identified three trends for Messe Frankfurt's Christmasworld: the "contemplative approach", which focuses on nature, the "heirloom feelings", which focuses on poetry and grace, and the "spirited response" with sustainable solutions. 

The contemplative approach, the contemplative nature trend, includes the trend scouts, for example, wooden acorns or fragile, glass works of art. For the trend scouts, the trend embodies not only sustainability, but also the reserved mood that has persisted since Corona.  

Among the soulful heirloom feelings, the interior specialists include the enchanting Christmas tree baubles from Hübsch Danish Home Interior & Design or delicate accessories in lace and pearls on silver threads. This trend stands for "sensitive, optimistic tones", which people feel and long for in these times of crisis.  


The third trend, which the scouts present as a "lively response", is "not trend, but necessarity", write the committed designers. In it, they present products that represent "attractive alternatives and unconventional solutions" for zero waste, recycling, up- and recycling and are also ideal for designing the home office, where work and childcare take place simultaneously: "Spirited response shows a vital coexistence of everyday work and festive decorations.

The trend

All trends are marked by the major crises of humanity - the pandemic and environmental destruction. Corona has caused many people to stop and think about how to move on with their lives and those of others. 

The threat to their own health, concern for fellow human beings and compassion for regions of the world that suffer more than others from Corona and environmental crises illustrate to many how fragile earthly existence is and at the same time how valuable and worth protecting. 

The end of the year celebrations have always had the ambition to be contemplative, to look back on the old year as a look forward to a better new one. 2020 was a very special one, which we must appreciate and process accordingly. Beautiful things, festive decorations can help people not only feel better and safer in their cocoon, but also be statements - for more attentiveness and care. 


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