Aug 20 2020

Classic of furniture design: String Shelf

Modern furniture classics sell well and always remain a source for inspiration. Rare pieces from the time of their creation are often traded like works of art. However, post-produced or limited editions from the official licence holder are also considered original. In this series, we present individual classics.

Normally, furniture is objects that wear out. Apart from the value we attribute to favourite pieces, they become worthless after some time. Furniture classics are different: originals and licensed new editions are often so sought after that they retain their value even after years, and in some cases even increase in value.

Modern classics from Germany, Scandinavia or Italy are particularly popular. Rare originals from the time they were created are traded like works of art. Reproduced or limited design classic editions from the official license holder are also considered originals. Logos or identity cards show whether they are genuine.   

String Shelf by Nisse Strinning (String Furniture

When the Swedish architect and designer Nisse Strinning constructed his delicate "String" shelving unit in 1949, he hit the nerve of the time: narrow material thicknesses give it its elegance, it is variable, easy to assemble and relatively inexpensive.

The thin wire frame of the shelving system looks like a delicate ladder, which can be combined with shelves in various depths, materials and colours and extended to all sides. Matching cabinet elements with sliding doors and work surfaces complete the system. Today String is not only found in living rooms and offices, but - with special elements - also in kitchens and bathrooms.

Author: Heike Edelmann

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