Jul 16 2019

Designed for the future: furniture with storage space

In keeping with the megatrend of "Urban Living", inventive exhibitors at interzum will present invisibly hidden furniture and space-saving furnishings for living in the smallest spaces.

Living in big cities is becoming increasingly popular, and thus constantly more expensive. Which is why furnishings are in demand that make it possible to live beautifully and comfortably in only a few square metres.

In modernly designed micro-apartments or mini-homes, furniture and furnishings are used in such a way that they are not seen as a provisional arrangement, but instead as future-oriented living variants.

At interzum, innovative exhibitors present clever, space-saving space solutions, with which tables, beds or speakers are stored invisibly and suit the trend toward the well-designed, puristic look.

Elegant wardrobe bed

The Italian manufacturer Pessotto Reti has been a supplier to the bed industry for more than sixty years and specialises in high-quality bed systems. The company continuously refines his space-saving solutions and will present a comfortable, electrically controlled wardrobe bed at interzum.

The "Aladino" model is equipped with a lift mechanism upon request. It can be effortlessly unfolded from a narrow, white cabinet by remote control in only a few seconds and stored just as quickly again in the well-designed cabinet body after use. Aladino is available as a double bed and in two different single bed variants, in horizontal or vertical formats.

Table and bench out of the drawer

Atim has its company headquarters at the fringes of Milan, and therefore can't avoid seeing how scarce living space is in a metropolitan region.

With the "Trasformabili" series, the company presented a series of practical furniture, in which a tabletop is concealed invisibly in the drawer of a sideboard or a kitchen unit when it is not needed.

In the case of the "T-Bench" version, two bench elements can also be unfolded in addition to a tabletop supported with an aluminium profile.

Folding system for maximum storage space

The Austrian Grass group develops and produces sophisticated movement systems. "Kinvaro T-Slim" is a sophisticated folding system that disappears invisibly into the body wall of wall cupboards and offers all the more storage space.

Harald Küper, product manager for folding systems at Grass, explains that the company has "created a new dimension of invisibility with Kinvaro T-Slim. It is the thinnest and most efficient fitting we have ever developed".

It has been possible to reduce the mechanics of the rotating fitting to a size of 12 millimetres, which means that Kinvaro T-Slim can be inserted nearly invisibly into the furniture item.

"This opens up completely new opportunities for the designing of wall cupboards for furniture designers. These offer maximum flexibility because, in addition to the aesthetic advantages, the existing storage space can also be optimally exploited."

Invisible speakers

The Hommbru brand belongs to the Hommel manufactory, which specialises in interiors. Hommbru is a speaker technology that can be integrated invisibly into furniture or wall elements. It transports the principle of the body-borne sound of music instruments to an innovative speaker system.

With body-borne sound, the bodies themselves generate sound through vibration. The manufactory produces the vibrating membranes necessary for the process from materials like mineral materials or wood.

The completely closed surface can then be varnished, printed or veneered, in order that the finish harmoniously adapts to its environment. This results in mass-produced speakers without boxes and cables.

Such invisible space solutions suit the current megatrend of Urban Living because they combine space-saving storage for small living spaces with good design.


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by Atim Spa Aluminium Technology
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