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Cristalmood: material with perspective

When we think of bathroom furniture, traditional materials such as ceramics, wood, stone or glass immediately spring to mind. Certainly, no one thinks of washbasins and bathtubs made of synthetic resin. The patented material Cristalmood from Italian company Antoniolupi with its newly developed material made of resin is an innovation that will change the face of traditional bathroom equipment for good.

Mar 11 2020

Colour will dominate: multi-coloured, transparent bathroom furniture.

White no longer has the last word – bathroom furniture is becoming colourful. The bathroom is undergoing a transformation. It is increasingly modern and liveable – even coming to replace the traditional spa visit. Geometric shapes, vibrant colours and astonishing accessories are redefining the bathroom and giving it a very different visual appearance.

“The bathroom is increasingly moving towards the use of new and high-performance materials,” explains Andrea Lupi, Antoniolupi’s CEO. “The elegance and style of a brand make all the difference. Our research has developed with the objective of a “Total Look” or a complete project for the bathroom. We offer various solutions with a choice of styles, materials, sizes and prices and strive to meet the needs of end users on a large scale.”

With the material innovations Flumood and Quarzomood, developed and patented by Antoniolupi, in recent years the Italian brand has demonstrated that bathroom furniture can take different forms. And colours. A washbasin does not always have to be round, rectangular or white and can be supplied in conjunction with a washstand.

It can also be designed as a focal object, as a freestanding item in the room. With its newest material, the company is showing fresh flair – Cristalmood brings transparency to the bathroom.  

Colour is essential – no matter what the material! The Albume washstand from Antoniolupi is available in ten on-trend colours. © Antoniolupi

Cristalmood: from an idea to a material innovation

Research into a new resin began in 2016 and more than two years of development was needed before the material Cristalmood was ready. “The transparency of the crystal and the resilience of the stone are the two fundamental characteristics that I was looking for in a new material,” explains Lupi. “The beauty of Cristalmood makes each product manufactured with this material unique. There is nothing comparable on the market”.

Cristalmood is more resilient and versatile than other materials. The process is laborious, though: First, the liquid synthetic resin is poured by hand into a silicone mould. After hardening, the blanks are removed by hand and, in a second step, sanded and polished by hand.

This removes all imperfections. The last step consists of applying a protective fixing agent. Due to the finishing process and handcrafted production, each product made of Cristalmood is unique and distinctive. 

Opale is available in the new decagonal form or in the traditional round design. © Antoniolupi

Albume, Opale, Vitreo: Unique pieces with perspective

Because of the material characteristics of Cristalmood, no two washbasins will be identical. Just as if it were made of stone, each product is a unique piece. The subtle differences in colour or small bubbles that may form give each product soul and authenticity. 

The first product, which Antoniolupi introduced in 2018, was the Albume washstand. Albume is a free-standing washbasin, captivating as the result of its combination of two contrasting materials: resin and marble. With the additional use of wood for the pedestal, a new, perfect alternative is created for those who love the warmth of this material. Designer Carlo Colombo has dip-painted the high basin in luscious jelly baby colours: Ginger, Lime, Sangria, Petrol and Cobalt blue belong to the collection’s colour spectrum. 

After the Reflex bathtub is released from the silicone mould, it is sanded and polished by hand. © Antoniolupi

With the development of Opale, the design team of Carlo Colombo and Andrea Lupi has gone one step further. The name explicitly references the geometry and infinite reflections of colourful precious stones – an intersection between material, surfaces and a refined colour palette. 

The washbasin can be manufactured in ten different colours. The combination with the pedestal made of Bianco Carrara marble or Nero Marquina marble results in special effects. The translucent basin seems to merge with the marble pedestal – in spite of the different materials used. 

Vitreo, also designed by the Colombo and Lupi design team, is a further of a freestanding washbasin with floor drainage. Vitreo is designed as a single Cristalmood block, which seamlessly expresses all the elegance of the material and the traditional geometry of the bowl-shaped sink.

Through the transparency of Cristalmood, the water becomes the main player with this product. You can really follow with your gaze how this primordial element accumulates in the basin and makes its way down into the drain in the floor. Absolutely unique.

Reflex is the first bathtub in the world made of coloured synthetic resin. Thanks to their composition, items made of Cristalmood weigh around 30% less than those with rigid surfaces. © Antoniolupi

Reflex, the first bathtub made of synthetic resin

With Reflex, the company has brought its first bathtub made of synthetic resin onto the market. It is characterised by clean shapes and colours, harmony and minimalism. The bathtub too can be obtained in ten on-trend colours: Smoke gray, Fog mist, Ochre, Bottle green, Ginger, Petrol and Cobalt blue, Sangria, Amber and Lime are not just enchanting – they awaken the need to let your hair down in the colour experience and completely relax. Reflex turns the bathtub into a bathroom highlight and an eye-catcher that nobody can resist.

Too colourful to be true

For a long time the bathroom has been more than just a pragmatic necessity. Rather, it is has become a haven of peace, a home spa and an oasis for the senses. Antoniolupi shows how to make a genuine highlight out of the simple washroom.

With the development of material innovations such as Cristalmood, the bathroom is having a quite distinctive facelift. The new, transparent, colourful material immerses any bathroom in a harmonious colour palette, while traditional white, which has prevailed in the bathroom over past decades, is losing its dominant position.

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