Sep 13 2018

Cyanometer: designer lamps that generate electricity

Not just innovative, but sustainable, too: award-winning designer Marjan van Aubel has designed a futuristic solar-powered crystal lamp called Cyanometer for the celebrated crystal manufacturer Swarovski.

Innovative crystal

An innovative crystal was developed specially for the collaboration. It not only refracts light, but also stores it inside. During the day the ring-shaped installation harvests light and then releases it in the evening in soft blue and red tones. More light received by the solar crystals during the daytime equals more intense light brought into the home by the installation.

How it works

The installation works like this: the three rings of the lamp are formed of opal crystals. By cutting the glass at certain angles, the light in the lamp is refracted in a way that focuses it more intensely on the solar cells, increasing its efficiency.

The lamp takes its name from the cyanometer, an 18th-century invention used to measure the intensity of blue sky.

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